Ho! Ho! Ho!

Here's wishing Everyone
a Merry Merry X'mas & 
a Happy, Prosperous 2010! :D

Some Customized X'mas Orders

A quick look at some interesting customized orders that I had been working on this X'mas...
Scarf for Meryl, Scarf for Mummy K & Helmet for Baby J

X'mas Hat for Santarina Chloe

Amigurumi Doraemon in Monkey Costume for Yi
(I think my sis will LOVE this too! :P)
Customized Amigurumi for 4 good buddies
(from left: Eugene in "Armani haircut" & who's getting married next year, CY who drives, CF with brown hair who smokes, & Song who idolized Manchester United & whose lucky # is 9)

Inspirations from Bali

Yes, I'm back :) However, I must admit that I have yet to pick up my momentum for work :P especially with X'mas festive mood all around :P hehe... o well, but I still managed to send out my X'mas orders in time la... & I've in fact created a new, small series of Knitted Art! Well, having been to Bali twice in 4months, I must say I really LOVE the sea in Bali. Lovely turquoise-coloured sea water... 

"Seascape Series"
version I/III
10 x 10 cm
Inspired by Kuta Beach, Bali.
Dec 2009

"Seascape Series"
version II/III
10 x 10 cm
Inspired by Lovina Beach, Bali.
Dec 2009

"Seascape Series"
version III/III
10 x 10cm
Inspired by Lovina Beach, Bali.
Dec 2009

To buy, simply email me at bicsie@gmail.com :)

Short Holiday Break

Edward & I are off to Bali again for a weekend get-away, but this time with my parents :) Seems like these 2 years I have formed the habit for traveling to a same country twice a year: last year I was at Tokyo twice; this year to Bali twice! :P Hmm... I wonder where I will be traveling to twice next year??? :P hehe...

Anyway, have a great weekend too! For any urgent matters, pls email lina@knottybicsie.com.sg & we will be in touch with you asap :)

Meet Crochet Craze - Selvi

"It was an interesting crochet project. I enjoyed learning to crochet the baby booties. Your instructions were good. You are patient. I will continue with more projects. Enjoy learning from you. Thanks to Christie who introduced me to Knotty Bicsie!" - Selvi, 3rd Dec 2009

Meet Crochet Craze - Ee Ling

"Dear Betsy, thanks for your patience. I enjoy my crochet lessons & time always passes very fast during lesson. Hope I can learn more other projects with you again. Thanks again & keep in touch! :)" - Ee Ling, 27th November 2009

KBCC #19 - Hand-Stitched Journal

It's been 2months... KBCC stopped for 1 session in October coz it was Knotty Bicsie's 3rd Anniversary Celebrations. We finally met up again last Sat (28th Nov) & made some pretty hand-stitched journals :)
I've been very busy for the past few months since September, & I think I almost have neglected KBCC a bit. Sorry! :( Thank goodness our KBCC Family is very closely-knitted & everyone's always very helpful & generous. This time Moses once again came to my rescue by helping to conduct this fruitful session. Thank you, Moses!
We were all busy cutting paper, folding paper, poking holes, & stitching... before we were rewarded with our makan session! We had yummy home-made keuh patti, courtesy of our new member, Suzanne. Thank you so much, Suzanne! ;)
Check out our colourful hand-stitched journals! Yay!

As for Dec's KBCC, since it falls on Boxing Day (26th Dec), we've decided to make it a KBCC X'mas Get-Together! We'll just do a potluck, then we'll have movie screening on an animation (title to be confirmed later). Suggested food list is as follows:
1) Halal Salad
2) Halal Pizza (Portion: 1pc)
3) Halal Chicken Wings (Portion: 10pcs)
4) Halal Satay (Portion: 20sticks)
5) Halal Pasta (Portion: 2pax)
6) Fruits
7) Desserts
8) Drinks (provided by ME :P)

KBCC X'mas Get-Together
Date: 26th dec 2009 (Sat)
Time: 3.30-6pm
Venue: Knotty Bicsie Crafting Studio @Blk 467B, Admiralty Drive (free shuttle bus from Sembawang MRT station)
Activities: video conference with EeWei, movie screening, makan, gift exchange, lucky draw
RSVP: F.O.C. Please email Betsy (bicsie@gmail.com) by 20th Dec to confirm your attendance & the food u are bringing.
As for the gift exchange, just bring a generic gift of about S$5.00, it can be either handmade or commercially bought :)

A Few Customized Orders...

Year end means X'mas is round the corner. X'mas is 1 of my favourite festive season coz it's a season of giving :) I enjoy buying gifts for family & friends, & of course, receiving presents lo! haha... Actually I also enjoy the rainy season after the mercilessly HOT weather earlier on... O, & I really LOVE X'mas songs! They are so timelessly enjoyable! :)

Yes, i know I've not been updating my blog as regularly, but I'm not lazing in this festive mood wor... Just been very busy with X'mas Fairs, workshops & orders. Some customers always like to customize pressies for their friends around this time of the year. Some common ones include our bangle bags, sling bags, mobile phone pouches, bow-ties, etc... Well, on top of these small bulk orders, there're also some other small orders like these few...

Watermelon Booties for Princess A in Sweden...

Booties & Beanie Set for Princess A in Singapore...

Doggy Shoes for 2 lucky doggies...

Beary Helmet for Prince Joel...

Bow-Ties for "Brothers" & Special Corsage for Groom at a fun-filled wedding...

So, it's been busy busy busy... but quite fun la, I must say :) So those of u who still wanna customize any X'mas gifts for your loved ones, please do so asap. I will not be taking in any more orders from 4th Dec onwards. My hands are really full liao :P So hurry! :)

Lucky Winner of our Birthday Give-Away

This is way overdue :P hehe... our lucky winner, EeWei, FINALLY received her Knotty Phant! Knotty Phant is now happily settling into his new home in Edmonton. I know he's in good hands... EeWei, do treat him to a beautiful white X'mas! ;)

ps: So envious... I've never experienced a white X'mas myself! >.<

X'mas Fair @Clarke Quay

Started your X'mas shopping yet?? See u all tonite & tmr nite @Clarke Quay! ;) O, as usual, my stall is #2, near the pub "Clinic", in the centre big circle ;)

Knotty Tea Party - "Handmade-A-Fair"

Last Saturday was Knotty Bicsie's 3rd Birthday Bash & it was a GREAT HIT! Our usual idyllic crafting studio was flooded with Knotty Fans & we were all packed like sardines! :P My family, friends & I were definitely very overwhelmed by the crowd. So Knotty Fans whom I did not get to talk to much, please forgive me. :P I felt like an octopus that day! haha.... :D Special thanx to Moses of Pauseability who came by to share with everyone about ATC. That 15min of "breather" for all the "stall-holders" was definitely precious! :P
Also special thanx to my splendid helper, Azreen. Azreen, Thank u so much! I know I can always count on U! :)
Here am I, caught by Jullie, in one of the rarest moment of relaxation on Sat :P

A few of my very talented creative friends definitely add lotsa vibrant colours to Knotty Bicsie's humble birthday party. Just beside me was Michelle & Jullie showcasing their crochet dolls & accessories. I'm sure all of you are VERY FAMILIAR with Jullie by now. We've worked together a few times already. We are "extra hands" to each other in many of our crafting endeavors :P Jullie, thank you for your friendship! :)

Here's the beautiful stall of Japonicas by Jet. While Jet was enjoying her holiday trip in HK, Mum & Pearlin helped sell her pretty Japonicas. They are so charming, Pearlin actually spent her entire pay for the day as a Japonica salesgirl, on a necklace & ring! haha... :D

Wendy of Tagaholic brought her little daughter along to let her experience "the morale of doing business & that $ does not come easy, & of course to have fun" (Wendy's exact words :P). Wow, a mum never fails to capture "teachable" moments! O, Wendy even very thoughtfully made a "Blessing Book" for me as a gift! (It's the beautiful red guestbook, in which all of u penned down your wishes & blessings for Knotty Bicsie!) Thank u so so much, Wendy! ;) Suzanne of Periwinkle-Su is undoubtedly one of the shining star on Sat. Her stuffs were almost "SOLD OUT" by the end of the day! I'm also a proud owner of Suzanne's hand-quilted work! ;)

Ayako of Something Magickal had the most "peaceful" stall inside my personal studio space, where she did 5 intuitive drawings & sold some of her postcards & medicine bag. She even did a very special "Red & Black Maneki Neko" for Ed & I as a gift for Knotty Bicsie's 3rd Anniversary! Thank u so much, my dear friend! We love it! :)

One of the most interesting stalls has to be Ellen's Singtatter-Corner! many Knotty Fans never even heard of tatting before last Saturday! & everyone is totally awed & impressed by Ellen's intricately beautiful hand-tatted creations. O, & Ellen's son, Ivan, even conducted a mini origami workshop for some Knotty Fans that day. Ellen & Ivan, thank you for sharing your work. We all learnt something new that day!

"When I Was Four" is a new indie label, but their creativity definitely is not new to us. Remember my Knotty Bicsie Shoes, which everyone adores? Well, it's hand-painted by Liling lo! So glad to see many new designs on that day.

Yet another special thanx to a dear friend, Adrian, who baked some beautiful cakes & made some yummy chocolates for Knotty Tea Party. Everyone kept asking for more! Adrian, I am so gonna cater from you when I have my very own KBCC (Knotty Bicsie Crafting Cafe) one day! ;)

Of course we did not forget our lucky draw! Lucky winners definitely went home even happier with our unique handmade prizes. :) As for our Birthday Give-Away, the lucky winner who gets to adopt our kawaii Knotty Phant is.... *drum roll*... our very dear friend, Ee Wei!!! Knotty Phant is going to Edmonton!!! Yay...!!! EeWei, I'm sure this little fella is gonna keep u very warm this X'mas! Just don't let your new cats eat him up! :P

Besides our Lucky Draw, everyone also gets to go home with our very own hand-crochet goodie bags! Took my Mum & I almost 3 weeks to make these for everyone! Lotsa hard work for sure, but it's all worthwhile :)
Our very 1st "Handmade-A-Fair" is such a HUGE success, we are already planning to have a bigger one next time! :P After Knotty Fans went home happy & satisfied from their shopping spree, we stayed on for a little de-brief to discuss how to make our next Handmade-A-Fair an even better one for you. So do be on a look out for our next Handmade-A-Fair coming your way, even bigger than this one! ;)
Many Knotty Fans were so so so sweet & brought presents for Knotty Bicsie too! Check out my new treasures... It was a birthday packed with abundance indeed... abundance of joy, abundance of well-wishes, abundance of laughters, abundance of prosperity, abundance of creativity, abundance of friendship & love... thank u all for making our humble home a house of abundance with all your support & blessings!!!

Happy Birthday to Knotty Bicsie!!!

Exciting News! Also to celebrate Knotty Bicsie's 3rd birthday, I've come up with a new member to our Knotty Bicsie Collections - Knotty Soccer Kid! Meeting the public for the 1st time @Knotty Tea Party - "Handmade-A-Fair"! Ready for orders! :) He is very active & good at all sorts of sports! U can customize him to be a soccer kid, tennis kid, basketball kid, golf kid, hip hop dancer...etc... Just send me a picture & he can transform himself into your perfect sporty friend! :) Come meet him "in person" for the 1st time tmr! ;)
I'm really excited about our Knotty Tea Party - "Handmade-A-Fair" tmr! Last night my parents came over to help Ed & I "re-furnish" our living room area to prepare for tmr. What a transformation! Now Knotty Bicsie Crafting Studio looks like a cosy family carnival ground! :P (won't show u the picture yet, so u will get a surprise tmr! :P

Final Countdown to "Handmade-A-Fair"!

I'm getting real excited! In fact a bit stressed out even! :P Haven't been sleeping very well lately... either been having insomnia coz mind is constantly busy, or have nightmares about being not well-prepared for the crowd on Sat! Argh...!!! :P Nevertheless, these are all rather "fun" stress la :P Ya, I agree it's kinda oxymoron :P

Anyways, thank u all for your overwhelming RSVP (guest list almost hit 100 liao!!! :P). See ya this Sat, 31st Oct 2009, 2-5pm @Blk 467B, Admiralty Drive. Take free shuttle bus from bus stop just outside Sembawang MRT Station & alight @1st stop opposite Canberra Primary School. Cross over towards circular flats with blue windows. Cya! ;)

Customized Wedding Dolls

Received a few interesting orders for customization. This one I had the most fun with - Customized Wedding Dolls! :) This pair of wedding dolls is made according to the couple's wedding photos. Challenging, but lotsa fun. They're so cute, I almost could not bear to part with them! :P
KV & TJ, may this pair of lovely Knotty Dolls bring even more bliss & happiness to your wedding & marriage! May the Knotty Dolls always bring back lotsa sweet & loving memories of the wedding too ;) Congratulations & everlasting love to u both! :)

Stall @Clarke Quay This Fri & Sat

I'm having a stall @Clarke Quay this Fri & Sat, 6pm-12midnight. My stall is located very near the pub "Clinic". Do come by to say "hi" & start shopping for X'mas! ;) There'll be $3-5.00 off everything :)

Funky Knit @Hwa Chong Institution (College)

It's been more than a week since my last update... been busy juggling with workshops, classes, replying emails on workshop enquiries & rushing orders. Yup, it's all been happy hardwork, no doubt about this, so I'm definitely NOT complaining ;P

30 young Funky Knit Newbies came onboard our knitting journey last Tuesday & Wednesday. Hwa Chong Institution (College) engaged Knotty Bicsie to conduct a post-exam activity for the JC1s as part of their Sabbaticals Program. We had 15 students each day, & we were all busy wriggling our fingers from 9am-3pm on both days :) This time, besides my mum, I've also hired 1 of our Funky Knitters, Amy, to help conduct the workshop, since Amy was a student from Hwa Chong Institution too ;) Amy sure was a great help! O, & she's making full use of this new experience as a knitting instructor - she's writing a research paper on the various ways knitting is being taught to inculcate this culture in Singapore! How cool is that! ;) Mum & Amy, thank u so much for your good work done! :)

"Interactive & helpful workshop. I picked up a new skill." - Nicholas Cheong, 13th Oct 2009

"I had a great time! Betsy made knitting very fun & easy with her clear instructions & lively tone. Mdm Quek & Amy are also very kind & always willing to help. Thank you! :)" - Chia Xin Yun, 13th Oct 2009
"Very good. Enough time to complete a project :)... suggest some knitting books." - Guo Chang, 13th oct 2009
"This workshop is fun! The co-ordinators (instructors) are friendly & helpful! The lesson is very enriching... Thank u for this fun & enjoyable experience!" - Guo Shu, 13th Oct 2009

"More variety of knitting stitches could be taught over a longer period of time. Probably can make this a 2-day module... i really enjoyed learning how to knit!" - Kwong Hui Mei, 13th Oct 2009
"Fun & amusing. Highly entertaining!" - Lim Liang Pin, 13th Oct 2009

"I learnt a lot from this module & I enjoyed knitting... After making the whole handphone pouch, I have a sense of achievement! :)" - Eliza Liu, 13th Oct 2009

"Workshop was interesting & interactive, the steps were easy to follow & instructions were clear..." - Loh Wei Ming, 13th Oct 2009

"Not enough time. Can be a 2-day event. Clear instructions." - Shao Qihao, 13th Oct 2009

"Workshop was fun & interesting. Thank u very much for your help!" - Tan Tian Hui, 13th Oct 2009

"Very fun & interesting! Could include knitting more stuff." - Tan Yin Ru, 13th Oct 2009

"Entertaining & interesting - great opportunity to learn & pick up something new." - Wong Jing Hao, 13th Oct 2009

"Easy to learn. Explanations very clear." - Jessica Yu, 13th Oct 2009

"Fun & interesting. The instructors are very helpful & patient in teaching us. They are very meticulous. :)" - Chew Ai-Ning, 14th Oct 2009

"Interesting & comprehensive course. Very fun! :)" - Ho Zimin, 14th Oct 2009

"Very fun & a very useful skill to pick up. I enjoyed it a lot! :)" - Jacey lim, 14th Oct 2009

"Very interesting!" - Liu Yingda, 14th Oct 2009

"The workshop was really awesome! I really enjoyed it. It was very fun & easy :) :)  Haha!! :)" - Miao Hanqing, 14th Oct 2009

"The workshop was very engaging :) & I enjoyed myself a lot! :)" - Ng Hui Kin, 14th Oct 2009

"I like knitting! It's fun!! :) :) :) O, & the elephants i saw on your website are very cute! :) Thank u for coming to teach us! :)" - Jasmine Poon, 14th oct 2009

"Approachable instructors. The techniques were taught very clearly, & the instructors were very patient, as well as willing ot help whenever they can. Thank you! :)" - Valerie Ong, 14th Oct 2009

"Quite fun. I like it a lot! :)" - Xie Yijing, 14th Oct 2009

"It was truly an enjoyable course :) My Mum knits too, but I never understood how to when she tried to teach me. The instructions given were clear & there was enough guidance given. Thank u! I had fun! :)" - Allyssa Wee, 14th Oct 2009

"This is a really fun activity... Maybe u can bring more of your masterpieces that you've knitted to inspire us even more! :)" - Lim Jin Ying, 14th Oct 2009

"It was an eye-opener since I've never knitted before. Enriching. & the instructors are very friendly, approachable & patient. Very fun. Maybe next time can learn to make more crafts. :)" - Stephanie Hsu, 14th oct 2009

"Special thanks to Amy for helping me solve all the weird problems during knitting :) The course was fun & interesting, a very cool experience! :)" - Stephanie Tan, 14th oct 2009

"Fun lesson. Great that u taught us more when we were fast... Thank u! :)" - Deborah Lim, 14th October 2009

"Instructors were very friendly & helpful! :) Course was quite fun & interesting! :)" - Jessica Wong, 14th oct 2009