Knotty Tea Party - "Handmade-A-Fair"

Just as last year, Knotty Bicsie Studio is having a Open house to all Knotty Fans to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary! Different from last year, I've invited a few of my very talented friends to set up "stalls" @our cosy studio, so we all can have a shopping spree on uniquely handmade items!

PeriwinkleSu by Suzanne

Hi everybody, I'm Suzanne of PeriwinkleSu. Many years ago, I took up patchwork lessons as just a hobby. I started with small projects of bags & pouches, then progressed to hand-quilting blankets. With my friends, we weekly get together & worked on challenging projects. Then I started exploring & creating my very own crafts as personal gifts to my friends. As I moved on with quite a collection, I thought it's time to share my love & passion with everyone. I'm pleased to be invited for Knotty Bicsie's 3rd Birthday celebration party! Just for this special occasion, I would be making new products for keeping yarns & crochet needles, etc. So I do hope all of you will like it & see all of u there! ;)

Japonicas by Jet

Japonica, which means Japan white windflower, symbolizes pureness, wilderness, hope and absolute freedom. This is how we want our creations to be... We planted hope in our Japonicas (referring to our creations) and it is hard to part with any of them. Nevertheless, we slowly learn that japonicas are meant to take greater heights, to take off and fly...

Dancing Hippo by Michelle & Jullie

Let our cute amigurumi dolls and kawaii accessories bring you smiles and joy! All items have been carefully hand-crocheted/-crafted by Michelle and Jullie. Jullie will also be showcasing one pair of her wedding dolls. Come meet these 2 crafty Mums! :)

Hand-Tatted Laces by Ellen

Since Ellen started tatting 10 years ago, she has been tatting gifts for friends, customised laces for appreciative customers, and also for charities and donation drives. Ellen has taught tatting in classes and to individuals who are keen to learn this centuries-old art of making fine laces.

Something Magickal by Ayako

On-the-spot personal intuitive drawing is done when a client sits in front of me & the client can start to talk about themselves / start asking questions / just relax and be silent throughout the 10-15mins process and i will draw out whatever images or colors i see from the client's subconscious level, from their auras or from their guides/angels/totem animals and if theres messages from the client's guides i will convey it back to the client as well. At the end of the process one gets to own their unique piece of intuitive drawing too! Plus its like having a reading done on the spot.
Intuitive Drawing sessions are at special rate of S$40.00 @Knotty Tea Party, instead of the usual S$80.00 Strictly by appointment only. Kindly email Betsy ( to book your session as early as possible to avoid disappointment, as there are only 6 sessions available.

Of course, Knotty Bicsie's very own hand-knitted/-crochet items will also be on sale that day, & not forgetting our yarns & accessories supplies too! :)

Quick, mark our "HOT date" on your calendar now:

Date: 31st October 2009 (Sat)
Time: 2-5pm
Venue: Knotty Bicsie Studio @Blk 467B, Admiralty Drive

Things to bring: Lotsa $$$CASH$$$, of course! ;P

Lucky Draw: Spend S$30 at any stall & stand a chance to win attractive prizes at our Lucky Darw! Luck Draw will commence @4.45pm on the day itself. So be sure to make your purchases before that.

RSVP: Feel free to bring along family & friends! Just remember to email betsy ( to RSVP to reserve a Goodie Bag each, & also to get our full address & directions to our idyllic studio!

Anniversary Lucky Draw 2009!

To celebrate our 3rd Anniversary, Knotty Bicsie is giving away some uniquely handmade prizes! With every S$30.00 spent in a single receipt during the month of October, you will get one chance in the month-end Lucky Draw. In other words, the more you spend, the higher your chances of winning these following attractive prizes!

Handmade Locket-Charm Necklace (worth: S$38.00)
Courtesy of Japonicas

3pcs of Hand-Crochet Cardholder (worth: S$15.00 each)
by Knotty Bicsie

Hand-Quilted Tissue Box Cover (worth: S$15.00)
Courtesy of PerinwinkleSu

Hand-Crochet Amigurumi Panda (worth: S$16.00)
Courtesy of Dancing Hippo

Hand-Crochet Amigurumi Angel (worth: S$16.00)
Courtesy of Dancing Hippo

Hand-Tatted Bookmark (worth: S$10.00)
Courtesy of Ms Ellen Lai

Lucky Draw will be carried out @Knotty Tea Party - "Hamdmade-A-Fair" on 31st October (Sat) @4.45pm. So please make your purchases before that to participate in Lucky Draw. Cut off date for online purchases is 29th Oct (Thur), Singapore time 2359hr.
Happy shopping & good luck! ;)

Meet Funky Knitter - Jessyca

"... ... Betsy taught me patiently. The lessons were all also clear & easy to understand. I also learnt the basic (theory & concept), not just a rough idea. She also helped me to complete my equipments (tools) & yarns collection in affordable prices. Luckily i found this place. I'll keep doing my good job. Thanks a lot, Betsy! :)" - Jessyca, 22nd September 2009

KBCC #18 - Pop-Up Cards

Last Saturday was KBCC once again. I was down with flu & cough :( Luckily Moses had agreed to stand in for me to teach the making of Pop-Up Cards. Moses even thoughtfully photocopied instruction sheets for all to follow. We all had a jolly good time, just as usual. :) Thanks, Moses!
Check out our colourful masterpieces!

Despite the usual hot weather @KBCC (we noticed that it has NEVER RAINED at all, ever since KBCC shifted back to Knotty Bicsie Studio!), we managed to finished all our Mee Siam! Yum...  Yum... :)))

Special Announcement!!!
KBCC will stop for a session in October. On the last Saturday of October (31st October), we will be having Knotty Bicsie's 3rd Anniversary Celebrations instead! Just like last year, we'll be having our Knotty Tea Party; different from last year, we will be hosting a "Handmade-A-Fair" in our cosy studio this year!

All are welcome! Simply email Betsy ( to RSVP to reserve a goodie bag each. Check back here on 1st October for more details. :)

Some DIY Projects

I bought a black dress for a family friend's wedding. Didn't have time to go hunting for the right accessories to go with the otherwise boring upper-part of the dress, I ended up crocheting my very own accessory with "Gold Spark" yarn, some swaroski crystals & beads! I think the effect is great! What do u think? ;)
Funky Knit, Lihui, came to learn to knit this funky monkey for her friend's birthday gift. It was a very rush project, but looking at this adorable DIY creation, all hard work is definitely well worth the while... :)
A few friends got me to customize this cardigan & booties set for our mutual friends' newborn little Princess Yixi. This set is made in 100% organic cotton yarn.

Quality Time with Loved Ones & Volunteering

Afternoon class yesterday was cancelled on last minute notice, so Ed & I decided to find a nice quiet place to "hang out". We went to tcc @The Keppel Bay. We had a yummy lunch & spent a long lazy afternoon there, doing some light reading (Ed was reading the papers, while I was reading a very good book "Eat, Pray, Love") & enjoying the beautifully peaceful scenery & environment at the same time. Of course we chit-chatted quite a bit too la :) I must say this is one very luxuriously rare Saturday afternoon for Ed & I, & we're really glad there're still such quiet & idyllic "hideaway" on a busy weekend in Singapore :)
September, no doubt been busy, but I still managed to still some time to spend some quality time with my family. 5th September (Sat) after MAAD, we celebrated my parents' 33rd Wedding Anniversary together! My dad is so sweet lo... he actually arranged for a SURPRISE PARTY @K-Box, Kallang Leisure Park for my unsuspecting mum! & so we were all there singing many golden oldies with my folks. It was fun! Oh, & I bought a pair of couple tees for them :) Really happy for my parents. I wish Ed & I can be as sweet as them, even many years down the road... :)
7th September (Mon) was my mother-in-law's birthday. Since Ed didn't have to work that day, we decided to give her a surprise too ;) We (Ed, my mum & I) went to her work place to meet her for a late lunch after my morning class, & literally "kidnapped" her from her work! :P hehe... no la, we applied 1/2 day leave on her behalf la :) Brought her to one of her favourite place, where she hasn't been to for a long time already - Mount Faber. Her father used to bring the whole family there to enjoy the scenery. She was indeed thrilled when we were up there, just like a little girl! After that we brought her to Sakae for a tepan yaki dinner (her 1st time too!). My dad, my sister-in-law & her hubby joined us after work too. It was a wonderful outing indeed. :)

Ed & I recently signed up as volunteers with "Food from the Heart" (FFTH). We help to deliver leftover bread from bakeries to New Hope Community Service Home @Andrews Avenue. Every Saturday late night thus has now become our new routine to have a nice car-ride together as well. :) FFTH always needs volunteers & there are various types of "tasks" for us to choose from, depending on our life-style & commitment level. So there's definitely something which u can help in. So do check out their official website to see how u can help. You can make this volunteering work a meaningful family/couple outing, just like how it all works out perfectly for Ed & I ;)

Introductory to Funky Knit with Singapore Polytechnic

Knotty Bicsie Crafting Studio was packed with an enthusiastic bunch of Funky Knit Newbies last Tue & Wed! a group of students from Singapore Polytechnic started their knitting journey amidst their term break last week.
As usual, my best helpers were around to make it happen...

[Introductory workshops are only S$20.00/person, INCLUSIVE of materials. To embark on this fun-filled journey, simply form your own group of 3-5people & email Betsy ( to book a slot now! :)]

We were all so happy & proud when everyone succesfully completed their masterpieces in this 4-hr workshop! Yay, mission complete! ;)

"Workshop can be longer." - Patricia

"The teachers were friendly & helpful, & I had lotsa fun learning to knit!" - Wai Wan

"Lessons were effective & explanations were clear." - Zi Hui

"Very interesting & fun!! I love it!" - Su Ying

"VERY GOOD!" - Yvonne

"VERY FUN!!!" - Hui Lian
"The program was interesting & a new experience for me. It has changed my perspective on knitting." - Abigail

"I enjoyed this 2-day course & I'm glad to have learnt a new lifelong skill." - Nawshein

"Good workshop." - Hanisah

"The facilitators who taught us know the concepts very well & are able to explain clearly to us." - Pei Xuan

"I enjoyed the program very much! I'd like to do more knitting during my free time in future." - Jiaxin

[Introductory workshops are only S$20.00/person, INCLUSIVE of materials. To embark on this fun-filled journey, simply form your own group of 3-5people & email Betsy ( to book a slot now! :)]

Pretty Bow-Ties

These sweetie ties customized for Grace can be used a hair-tie & wrist bands. Looks really kawaii on her! :)

Meet Crochet Craze - Peiling

"I think I will be doing the next crochet project when I retire...?!?! haha... Thank u for teaching me patiently... :)" - Peiling, 29th August 2009

Bubbly Peiling finally completed her laptop cover. She was so excited, she couldn't wait to show it off in school the next day! :) The most heart-warming part of Peiling's crochet journey is that she even inspired her Mum to pick up her knitting needles & crochet hooks again! Better yet, she even motivated a guy friend, ShuaiXun (who turns out to be rather talented actually:)), to pick up knitting too! Well done, Peiling! ;)

KBCC #17 - StrawArt

August seems like a busy month for many. hmm... no wonder it's been quieter @Knotty Bicsie Studio :P Anyway, we had a cosy group at KBCC last month & we had fun playing with straws.
Check out our 1st attempt. Our chameleons definitely look kinda mutated!!! hehe... :P

But finally we created something beautiful... Our proud masterpiece - goldfish!
(ps: i know there's been a typo in my photos, it should be "KBCC #17 - StrawArt" :P)

Details of next session....
KBCC #18 - PopUp Cards
Date: 26th September 2009 (Sat)
Time: 3.30pm-6pm
Things to Bring: craft cutter, cutting mat, ruler and pencil
S$10/participant. Pls email Betsy ( RSVP by 21st September (Mon).

Exciting September

After a quiet August, September seems like an awakening, with new projects, exhibitions & many events coming the way...

First of all, a few interesting customizations...
2 pairs of mittens for a newborn Prince

a pretty bow brooch for Jasmine

Whacky Kenny for Chenyee. He even squeaks when u press his tummy! :P

As some of u know, I'm also teaching 'O' Level Art at Singapore Chinese Girls' School. This year, the school has given me the Sec.3 class, hence we have the luxury of time to explore many fun projects. We showcased our Project Runway @SCGS over at the school's Honours Day Celebration on 3rd September (last Thursday). As part of our fashion design exercise, my students came up with their own designs & constructed their designs from various recycled materials. Click here to read more about their respective works.
I decided to join the fun & be part of the show as well...

Due to some miscommunications with the mannequin supplier, most of our mannequins came without hair/wig! :( duh... So I came up with this idea to include some hyperbolic knitting & crochet to mimic the coral reefs of the underwater world & incorporate it into a head-gear for 4 of the mannequins.
I made hair-bands for the 2 lucky ones with wigs.

For those that comes with hair, I helped "accessorized" them a little :)

The whole experience was both fun & stressful (tight deadlines among their heavy study workload) for the gals. I'm really proud of them. Well, done, Gals! ;)

The next big thing on my mind now is Knotty Bicsie's 3rd Birthday Bash in October! Well, the following will be all lined up in October for the celebrations:
  • Knotty 3rd Birthday Giveaway. Remember to check back on our blog on 1st October for more details...
  • Special Offers in October
  • "Knotty Tea Party - Handmade-A-Fair" on 31st October (Sat), 2-5pm @Admiralty Drive. Email Betsy ( for more information on this exclusive Art Bazaar, showcasing handmade jewelleries, hand-quilted bags, amigurumi toys, hand-crochet baby booties, hand-tatted stationaries, scrapbooking stationaries, yarns & other accessories... U may also wanna make an appointment for a special intuitive drawing session by a very gifted friend, Ayako. I will be introducing all these talented friends of mine on my blog in October. Stay tuned... :)

Sponsoring Prizes for Children's Art Competition This Sunday

Knotty Bicsie has sponsored a total of 24 PomPom Kit Sets (worth S$276.00) for a children's Art competition this Sunday, 6th September, @Fort Canning, organized by Ananda Marga Yoga Society of Singapore.
I'm sure it'll be a day of great fun for the whole family! Click here to register your precious little ones for "What Makes Me Happy" Art Competition! :) or u can also email Miss Ho Soon Yeen ( to register. Good Luck! ;D


Today is a special day. It is a day to show our appreciation to a special group of people who have so generously & unconditionally shared their knowledge & experiences, in making who we are today.

To my very 1st teacher, Mummy, I love you! ;)
To my beloved Daddy, I always believe you are the reason why I'm an effective teacher!
To my kindergarten teacher, u made me wanna be a teacher since I was 5.
To Ed, u show me how to be always there for our love ones.
To all my teachers, friends, students, knotty fans,... everyone of you definitely taught me something one way or another. Thank you!

HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY TO EVERYONE!!! for we are all a Teacher to somebody at least once. :)))