KBCC #22 - Friendship Pen

After stopping for a month in Febraury, we are once again back for more crafting last Saturday! :) This time, we did something which I enjoyed doing alot for my friends & teachers during my Primary & Secondary school days - Friendship Pen. We basically weaved our names & patterns onto regular, plain-looking pens.
As simple as it may look, to weave the alphabets, while coiling the pen, actually requires quite a bit of concentration & imagination. Look how everyone's deep in concentration... :P
When we were finally done, our playful Rita & Moses had lotsa fun posing with their masterpieces! Aren't they cute?? lol... :D
Check out our vibrant work of heart! :)
Since last Saturday was a small group, we decided to just get KFC :P Had a looong nice chat over makan... & KBCC ended much later than usual :)

Special Announcement
KBCC will be meeting for a LAST session for 2010 on 24th April 2010 (Sat). After which I will be taking a break to prepare for the arrival of my Little Princess Edda :) Hopefully by 2011 I will have fully adapted to this new phase of my life & can once again rekindle the dynamites of KBCC :) Details of our last session as follows:
KBCC #23 - Colour Pencils
Date: 24th April 2010 (Sat)
Time: 3.30-6pm
Venue: Knotty Bicsie Home Studio
Things to bring: Any sort of colour pencils.
Registration: S$10/pax
RSVP: Pls email bicsie@gmail.com by 19th April 2010 (Mon) to confirm your attendance.

Meet Crochet Craze - Pei Qi & Irene

"It had been nice & fun. Chatting with Betsy & learning from her had been enjoyable :)" - Pei Qi, 26th March 2010.
Remember Funky Knitter, Irene? Well, she went on from her knitted sling bag to picking up crochet too! She's so motivated, she completed this cute amigurumi Mouse in just 1month, despite the CNY break! Well done, Irene! & now she's moving on to crocheting a tunic top for herself. Lookout for for masterpiece on my blog soon... :)

Pockets for Ayako

Another chance to play with my sewing machine :) Helped Ayako add on 2 kawaii pockets onto her plain dress. It was easy, yet fun still ;)

Customized Xela Wa

A biggest customized Amigurumi so far, sitting at almost 8inches tall. Customized by Lihui for a basketball fanatic who's leaving Singapore...

Knotty Bicsie @Sunflower

Our colourful Knotty Baby Booties are now available @Sunflower (City Square Mall, #03-16)!
Starting April 2010, Knotty Bangle Bags will also be available @Sunflower!

Having Fun with my New Toy

Remember the new toy my friends got for me as birthday present? Well, finally got down to have some fun with my new sewing machine! ;) Attended the 2 free demo lessons provided by "Brother" & managed to make my very 1st quilted cushion cover in just 2hrs! I consider this a HUGE achievement since it's my 1st attempt from scratch! I'm so proud of myself! haha... :P

I'm so gonna look for some patterns to sew many new clothes to doll up my Little Princess Edda! hehe... :P

Meet Crochet Craze - Regina

"Dear Betsy, first of all, a very big Thank You for your patient teaching & guidance during my time here. You made me realize the beauty of doing crochet & the desire to do more during my free time. I have learnt quite a lot of techniques & I love them all. My first piece of crochet project was a memorable one & I am really really glad too. Especially when u commented on my good progress & good technique, although I thought otherwise. Thank you so much!" - Regina Koh, 7th March 2010

Regina indeed has a hidden talent! No doubt a newbie in crochet, but her tension & workmanship is fabulous! She's now learning to crochet flower brooches from me. I'm hoping she'll be convinced soon to make them for sale :) I'm sure in no time, Regina will be a new elf @Knotty Bicsie :P Wait for my good news! ;)

Pocket Tissue Cover Workshop

Date: 20th March 2010 (Sat)
Time: 2-5pm
Venue: Knotty Bicsie Home Studio @Admiralty Drive
Instructor: Hand-Quilter Suzanne Ho of PeriwinkleSu
Limited seats available only.
Email Betsy (bicsie@gmail.com) to reserve a place now. :)