Happy Birthday to Knotty Bicsie!!!

Exciting News! Also to celebrate Knotty Bicsie's 3rd birthday, I've come up with a new member to our Knotty Bicsie Collections - Knotty Soccer Kid! Meeting the public for the 1st time @Knotty Tea Party - "Handmade-A-Fair"! Ready for orders! :) He is very active & good at all sorts of sports! U can customize him to be a soccer kid, tennis kid, basketball kid, golf kid, hip hop dancer...etc... Just send me a picture & he can transform himself into your perfect sporty friend! :) Come meet him "in person" for the 1st time tmr! ;)
I'm really excited about our Knotty Tea Party - "Handmade-A-Fair" tmr! Last night my parents came over to help Ed & I "re-furnish" our living room area to prepare for tmr. What a transformation! Now Knotty Bicsie Crafting Studio looks like a cosy family carnival ground! :P (won't show u the picture yet, so u will get a surprise tmr! :P

Final Countdown to "Handmade-A-Fair"!

I'm getting real excited! In fact a bit stressed out even! :P Haven't been sleeping very well lately... either been having insomnia coz mind is constantly busy, or have nightmares about being not well-prepared for the crowd on Sat! Argh...!!! :P Nevertheless, these are all rather "fun" stress la :P Ya, I agree it's kinda oxymoron :P

Anyways, thank u all for your overwhelming RSVP (guest list almost hit 100 liao!!! :P). See ya this Sat, 31st Oct 2009, 2-5pm @Blk 467B, Admiralty Drive. Take free shuttle bus from bus stop just outside Sembawang MRT Station & alight @1st stop opposite Canberra Primary School. Cross over towards circular flats with blue windows. Cya! ;)

Customized Wedding Dolls

Received a few interesting orders for customization. This one I had the most fun with - Customized Wedding Dolls! :) This pair of wedding dolls is made according to the couple's wedding photos. Challenging, but lotsa fun. They're so cute, I almost could not bear to part with them! :P
KV & TJ, may this pair of lovely Knotty Dolls bring even more bliss & happiness to your wedding & marriage! May the Knotty Dolls always bring back lotsa sweet & loving memories of the wedding too ;) Congratulations & everlasting love to u both! :)

Stall @Clarke Quay This Fri & Sat

I'm having a stall @Clarke Quay this Fri & Sat, 6pm-12midnight. My stall is located very near the pub "Clinic". Do come by to say "hi" & start shopping for X'mas! ;) There'll be $3-5.00 off everything :)

Funky Knit @Hwa Chong Institution (College)

It's been more than a week since my last update... been busy juggling with workshops, classes, replying emails on workshop enquiries & rushing orders. Yup, it's all been happy hardwork, no doubt about this, so I'm definitely NOT complaining ;P

30 young Funky Knit Newbies came onboard our knitting journey last Tuesday & Wednesday. Hwa Chong Institution (College) engaged Knotty Bicsie to conduct a post-exam activity for the JC1s as part of their Sabbaticals Program. We had 15 students each day, & we were all busy wriggling our fingers from 9am-3pm on both days :) This time, besides my mum, I've also hired 1 of our Funky Knitters, Amy, to help conduct the workshop, since Amy was a student from Hwa Chong Institution too ;) Amy sure was a great help! O, & she's making full use of this new experience as a knitting instructor - she's writing a research paper on the various ways knitting is being taught to inculcate this culture in Singapore! How cool is that! ;) Mum & Amy, thank u so much for your good work done! :)

"Interactive & helpful workshop. I picked up a new skill." - Nicholas Cheong, 13th Oct 2009

"I had a great time! Betsy made knitting very fun & easy with her clear instructions & lively tone. Mdm Quek & Amy are also very kind & always willing to help. Thank you! :)" - Chia Xin Yun, 13th Oct 2009
"Very good. Enough time to complete a project :)... suggest some knitting books." - Guo Chang, 13th oct 2009
"This workshop is fun! The co-ordinators (instructors) are friendly & helpful! The lesson is very enriching... Thank u for this fun & enjoyable experience!" - Guo Shu, 13th Oct 2009

"More variety of knitting stitches could be taught over a longer period of time. Probably can make this a 2-day module... i really enjoyed learning how to knit!" - Kwong Hui Mei, 13th Oct 2009
"Fun & amusing. Highly entertaining!" - Lim Liang Pin, 13th Oct 2009

"I learnt a lot from this module & I enjoyed knitting... After making the whole handphone pouch, I have a sense of achievement! :)" - Eliza Liu, 13th Oct 2009

"Workshop was interesting & interactive, the steps were easy to follow & instructions were clear..." - Loh Wei Ming, 13th Oct 2009

"Not enough time. Can be a 2-day event. Clear instructions." - Shao Qihao, 13th Oct 2009

"Workshop was fun & interesting. Thank u very much for your help!" - Tan Tian Hui, 13th Oct 2009

"Very fun & interesting! Could include knitting more stuff." - Tan Yin Ru, 13th Oct 2009

"Entertaining & interesting - great opportunity to learn & pick up something new." - Wong Jing Hao, 13th Oct 2009

"Easy to learn. Explanations very clear." - Jessica Yu, 13th Oct 2009

"Fun & interesting. The instructors are very helpful & patient in teaching us. They are very meticulous. :)" - Chew Ai-Ning, 14th Oct 2009

"Interesting & comprehensive course. Very fun! :)" - Ho Zimin, 14th Oct 2009

"Very fun & a very useful skill to pick up. I enjoyed it a lot! :)" - Jacey lim, 14th Oct 2009

"Very interesting!" - Liu Yingda, 14th Oct 2009

"The workshop was really awesome! I really enjoyed it. It was very fun & easy :) :)  Haha!! :)" - Miao Hanqing, 14th Oct 2009

"The workshop was very engaging :) & I enjoyed myself a lot! :)" - Ng Hui Kin, 14th Oct 2009

"I like knitting! It's fun!! :) :) :) O, & the elephants i saw on your website are very cute! :) Thank u for coming to teach us! :)" - Jasmine Poon, 14th oct 2009

"Approachable instructors. The techniques were taught very clearly, & the instructors were very patient, as well as willing ot help whenever they can. Thank you! :)" - Valerie Ong, 14th Oct 2009

"Quite fun. I like it a lot! :)" - Xie Yijing, 14th Oct 2009

"It was truly an enjoyable course :) My Mum knits too, but I never understood how to when she tried to teach me. The instructions given were clear & there was enough guidance given. Thank u! I had fun! :)" - Allyssa Wee, 14th Oct 2009

"This is a really fun activity... Maybe u can bring more of your masterpieces that you've knitted to inspire us even more! :)" - Lim Jin Ying, 14th Oct 2009

"It was an eye-opener since I've never knitted before. Enriching. & the instructors are very friendly, approachable & patient. Very fun. Maybe next time can learn to make more crafts. :)" - Stephanie Hsu, 14th oct 2009

"Special thanks to Amy for helping me solve all the weird problems during knitting :) The course was fun & interesting, a very cool experience! :)" - Stephanie Tan, 14th oct 2009

"Fun lesson. Great that u taught us more when we were fast... Thank u! :)" - Deborah Lim, 14th October 2009

"Instructors were very friendly & helpful! :) Course was quite fun & interesting! :)" - Jessica Wong, 14th oct 2009

Meet Funky Knitters - Tiara, Tania & Sarah

"I finally learn to knit, thanks, betsy! You make it so easy to learn & it was so nice & relaxing to be in you rclass. the personal attention & patience you showed us was great. I had so much fun! Thank you! I will be coming back if I have any projects in mind too! ;)" - Tiara, 6th October 2009

"Thanks for being so patient with us & for attending to the 3 of us individually with so much attention. We had fun! & thanks for helping us to knit faster so that we can learn how to complete the pouch in time. I'll definitely come back for more lessons if I have a project in mind. Thanks, Betsy! :)" - Tania, 6th October 2009

"Hello! Thank u for being so patient for us! :) It has been a nice experience learning how to knit & I'm glad I managed to learn from you. & your house is very pretty! haha... I'm looking forward to coming again. I feel very inspired by your love for craft. Thank you!" - Sarah, 6th October 2009

Birthday Sale @MAAD

To mark the start of Knotty Bicsie's birthday celebrations, we had an exclusive storewide 30% discount @MAAD last weekend (3rd & 4th October).

Time really flies... I can still remember the 1st time I had a stall @MAAD. It was MAAD Sunday then, when MAAD used to be on every Sunday still. Check out my humble tiny stall in 2006 @red floor MAAD... :P I was very lucky to be "promoted" into the gallery space on the very 2nd week! Yay...! haha... In the gallery space, I made many wonderful friends, who are extremely talented, & learnt alot from fellow MAADsters, especially in terms of stall display & packaging. Well, the rest is history now... :)
1st day @MAAD in Nov 2006

MAAD is where Knotty Bicsie was born. Knotty Bicsie has indeed blossomed over these 3 years, all thanks to your constructive feedback & enthusiastic support.

I bought a new "table cloth" for my stall! hehe... It's actually a curtain, which I bought from the kid's department of Ikea :P Isn't it pretty? & I think it looks perfect for my stall too! ;) 

Those who missed MAAD sale, I'm having a stall again @Clarke Quay (just outside "Clinic") on 23rd & 24th October (Fri & Sat), 6pm-12midnight. Sorry, no more 30% discount, but there'll be $3 off (plus no shipping cost, so u'll save another S$3 :P) everything. Items on sale includes baby booties, bangle bags, knotty phants, bow-ties & card case :) See u then! :)

FreeForm Knitted Art in "1st Small Sculpture Show"

Yay...! My work had been selected to be on "The Transitions" exhibition, in conjunction to Sculpture Square's 10th Anniversary celebrations! There was a nice & successful opening last Friday (2nd Oct), & the exhibition will run till 30th October 2009. 

Birthday Give-Away

Gone for awhile, now back by popular demand, I've made a new series of Knotty Phants! To mark the beginning of Knotty Bicsie's 3rd Birthday Celebrations, I'm giving away this cute little fella! To get a chance to bring him home, simply send in your birthday wishes for Knotty Bicsie by leaving a comment on this post. Please remember to include your email address, so we can be in-touch with u if you are the lucky winner! ;)
Closing Date: 29th October 2009 (Thursday), Singapore time 2359hr.