Meet Crochet Craze - Andy

"Taking my time to learn amigurumi with Betsy is a blast! the dream of making my own gaming character using amigurumi came true after attending Betsy's class. Thanks, Betsy!" - Andy, 28th August 2009
Dear andy, Sorry I picked this photo, but I really prefer this to the one with your eyes finally opened! hehe... :P

Meet Crochet Craze - Jeslyn

"The first time i touched yarn & make something from it was during a 2hr workshop conducted @MAAD. After the workshop I realized I like crocheting & that's when i decided to start my very 1st, or rather 2nd project.
Betsy is very patient & nice. Her teaching (guiding) is clear. Thank u so much, betsy, for helping me to complete my project. I'll continue to crochet & make more cute amigurumi on my own. One day, I'll also design my own amigurumi! :P" - Jeslyn, 25th August 2009

Meet Funky Knitter - Grace

"Dear Betsy, So glad I finally completed my sweater - thanks for your patience, guidance, encouragement and assistance along the way! It has been fun learning knitting and chatting with you. I am looking forward to conquering more projects (lucky friends and family of mine who will get to be the receipients of my projects, hee)!!! Thanks again!" - Grace Chiang, 25th August 2009

Cap for a Little Prince

This is a customized birthday gift for Prince Cayden for his 1st birthday.

Another Quirky Project

Michelle sure is one ambitious & motivated new Funky Knitter. Inspired by her diving hobby & her eyes for little sea creatures at the mysterious sea bed, she insisted on knitting this nudibranch for her very first project! Well, it definitely had been very tough for a beginner, but hey, we did it! Congratulations, Michelle! Yay...!!! :)

"Dear Betsy,
Thanks for your patience, help & wonderful company to inspire me to complete this difficult project! :)" xxx Michelle, 15th August 2009

Now Michelle is "going back to the basics" & gonna start knitting a cardigan. Well, Michelle, I'm sure u'll find this one so much easier! :P


Had a good break in Bali. Even though it was way too touristy for Ed & I, we still had a good time interacting with our guides & some locals we met along the way. In fact, we are already planning for another trip back to Bali this December :P This time we're bringing my parents along :)

1st week of August had been rather quiet, & that was why we had this last minute decision to go to Bali :P However, August has also brought a few happy rhapsodies...

1) My proposal/work-in-progress has been selected to be exhibited in "1st Small Sculpture Show" organized by Sculpture Square. So right now I'm busy completing my soft sculpture entitled "My Imagination" :)

2) Had a good time KNITTING BY THE POOL IN BALI! :P hehe.... Yes, u can say I'm obsessed! :P

3) A few wonderful crafty friends agreed to come onboard & be part of Knotty Bicsie's 3rd Anniversary Celebration this October! We are planning for "Handmade-A-Fair" - a mini Art Bazaar @my humble Admiralty Drive home studio! Will be sending out e-blast with more details soon...

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While I'm Away...

Ed & I are taking a short trip to Bali. I'll be away from 15th (Sat) to 18th (Tue) August 2009. Kindly note that I will not have access to the internet during this time & will reply your emails only after I return. For any urgent matters, please email

Bali, here we come...! :D

I'm Beary Sorry!

A bear customized for Stanley. It is a thoughtful gift for someone special...
There's also a "secret compartment" for a personal message to S.L.

Must Watch "Up"!

Believe it or not, Ed & I just saw "Partly Cloudy" again on Tuesday night, in the cinema! Yes, it's actually VERY CURRENT! It's the short clip just before Disney-Pixar's latest animation, UP. I must say this is the best movie I've watched this year! It's truly an amazing story for everyone of all ages!

At first, I was just attracted by the colourful pretty poster & the magically playful idea of a floating house lifted by cheerful balloons. So Ed & I decided it is a perfect movie for a sweet, romantic evening... But just 10min into the movie & we both knew we're getting a lot more than what we've bargained for!

It's a moving story that will make u laugh, hold on tight to your seat, smile, & cry... It's a tale about courage to pursue our dreams, our direction/purpose in life, & most of all, it's about LOVE. 

Well, I guess this is what the spirit of adventure is all about! It turned out to be a romantic adventure for Ed & I indeed...


Partly Cloudy

As a kid, I always enjoy watching clouds in the sky & make up stories as they change formation... Could sometimes spend hours lying in the playground, literally watching the cloud goes by. Well, actually even now I sometimes still build sandcastles in the air while watching these ever-changing fluffy friends of mine la :P

Came across this video, which made both Ed & I smile & laugh a lot. I'm sure you will enjoy it too...

Cloud - The funniest videos are a click away

Princess's 1st Birthday

This cardigan & beanie set is customized for a sweet little 1-yeaar-old.
Happy 1st Birthday, Princess! :)