KBCC #23 - Colour Pencils

In view of the soon arrival of my little girl, I've decided to stop KBCC for the time-being, until I adapt to my mew role as a mummy :) KBCC met for our last crafting session for this year 2010, last saturday on 24th April 2010. For the 1st time since KBCC shifted our venue to Knotty Bicsie Crafting Studio, we met with some rain at he beginning of our session... Mixed feelings...
For this month's activity, we explored the vast possibilities of colour pencils (both water-soluble & non-water-soluble) as a medium. Colour pencil has always been one of my favourite medium. It's easy to handle, clean & neat :)
As usual, we had our yummy makan time! :) This month, we had yummy 933 Golden Pillow Curry Chicken Bun... When we ran out of curry gravy, KBCC-ians asked for Kaya & we had Kaya Bun for dessert! hehe...
Check out our brilliant work-in-progress! :)))

Meet Funky Knitter - Sophia

Edward brought me to a Barista Workshop @Highlander Coffee on my birthday 2 years ago. It was a very fun experience for both of us. Upon learning that I'm Knotty Bicsie, our teacher (the boss of Highlander Coffee) told me then that his teenage daughter is also keen on learning knitting! :) Met her on the 2nd day of our workshop. Very sweet & well-mannered young lady. We exchanged contacts, & we bid farewell... Finally, finally, finally... after 2years, Sophia FINALLY called to say she's ready to start her knitting journey, now that she's completed her 'O' Levels! haha... Here she is with her very 1st knitted project - a beautiful beret!
"Hi! It was really interesting & Betsy is extremely patient with me despite the countless number of times I made mistakes! After this workshop, I will definitely continue to experiment on my own knits. Thank you!" - Sophia, 25th April 2010

Meet Crochet Craze - Kervin

"Dear Betsy, I'm very happy to have this chance to learn crochet from you. First time that I manage to complete a new task at last! Haha! Now can show off to Lao Gong with my cute end product. Hopefully got chance to let my future BB Girl wear it... hee. Thanks again!!" - Kervin Tan, 1oth April 2010.

XBOX 360 Limited Edition for Sale

Hubby brought a group of students to participate in the Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition (SAFMC) & championed the Category C, with 3 other gold & silver awards! Yay...!!! So proud of him! Congrats, Dar!

One of the prizes is this XBox 360 Limited Edition. Thought it'll be great companion for me during confinement, but well, both of us are not really the gaming type lo, especially me! :P So after trying the racing game only TWICE, we decided to sell it away to add on to our "Baby Fund" :P So if u are keen, pls email me (bicsie@gmail.com).

XBOX 360 Limited Edition
Includes: 1 console, 1 wireless controller, 3 games (Forza Motorsport 3, Lego Batman, PURE)
Usage: played only twice, less than 1.5hr each time.
Market Selling Price: S$499.00
Our Price: S$399.00

To buy, pls contact Betsy at bicsie@gmail.com :)

Working on a few Customized Orders

Besides our usual workshops & booties orders, just been working a few customized orders, including some knitted accessories & applique for a fashion designer, & this bow tie.