KBCC #15 - WaterColour

Yesterday we tried our hands at watercolour. Lyn is so nice to agree to show us how. Everyone had fun "playing" with watercolour.
Check out our masterpieces! We sure got some hidden talent among us! :D
Our yummy delicacies sure are another high-light of KBCC! Yesterday we had Mee Soto (Malay chicken noodle soup) & Begadeh (fried potato cake), which were very well-received, especially the Begadeh. In fact, it was wiped out in 15min! :P For the past few sessions, since we shifted back to Knotty Bicsie Studio, our refreshments have been lovingly prepared by a few Malay ladies, all home-made traditionally. From now on, by popular demand, I'll also be including our menu on our KBCC monthly rendezvous :P So stay tuned.... :)

KBCC #16 - Scrap-booking
Date: 25th July 2009 (Saturday)
Time: 3.30-6pm
Things to bring: photo(s), scrap materials, scissors, glue, other knit-knacks
Menu: To be confirmed
Registration: S$10/pax, includes materials & refreshments
Pls RSVP by 20th July 2009 (Monday)

Parent-Child Angel Clay Workshop

Last Saturday (21st June 2009), I conducted a Angel Clay Workshop @I Love Children. It was a parent-child workshop, which aims to promote parent-child bonding & moral education through crafting.
I am very encouraged to the see the overwhelming response! We had a full class of 15 pairs of parent-child! I was told by the organizer that there were more enquiring about the workshop, unfortunately we were already fully booked. Well, maybe next time then :)
Once again, Knotty Staff Azreen (in pink cardigan) was a great help, both parents & kids LOVE her million $$$ smile!!! :)))
All parents & kids were very engaged in playing with the angel clay. As usual, the kids just LOVE mixing their colour clay since it's so therapeutic to pinch the soft clay among our fingers. Parents were also enthusiastically creating animals & creatures with their little Princes & Princesses. Everyone made at least 2animals/creatures & 1lovely cake for Father's Day. We had a fruitful & fun-filled morning! Yay! :D

Original Miniature Knitted Art

Finally! Yesterday, Edward & I delivered the 210pcs of customized Miniature Knitted Art to The Arts House for Southeast Community Development Council's Appointment Ceremony this evening. They are for all the Guests of Honour, including our Ministers & Members of the Parliament, office-holders & their family members.
This series of 210pcs of Miniature Knitted Art is specially commissioned to represent South East CDC, & each piece is unique. The organically dynamic circular forms in the background represent the diversified community, which is being led by South East CDC (represented by the knitted foreground) in creating a vibrant society. The labyrinth of colours signifies the bond among a closely-knitted community.
Each piece is 4x4inches big, painstakingly hand-painted with acrylic paint on a laminated wood block, hand-knitted & hand-crochet with acrylic & cotton yarns. Since every piece is unique, they are all number coded. This set is Miniature Knitted Art #001-100/210. All done between 16th-31st May 2009.
This set is Miniature Knitted Art #101-210/210. The first 20pcs are done between 25th-31st May 2009, while the rest are done between 1st-19th June 2009. Proud owners of my knitted artwork, if u are reading this, have you found your very own piece yet?? :)

The toughest thing about this project is time management. This is because for most of the time I can only focus on my production at night after all my classes, & during weekdays, my last class ends only after 9.30pm. This means I had to work very late into the night. In fact, almost everyday for the past 2-3weeks, I've been working till 3-4am! @_@ Finally had my first solid 8hr of beauty sleep in June last night! ;P *YAWN*

Happy Birthday, Daryne!!!

Last Saturday was Princess Daryne's 3rd Birthday & Knotty Bicsie is truly honoured to be part of the celebration! Mummy Lynn engaged us to conduct PomPom Party as part of the evening's fun & colourful program. We had so much fun with the kids, we forgot to take pictures of the children's proud monster creations! Everyone had at least 1 new fluffy friend to bring home with (yes, many kept coming back for more!), how nice! :)
It was a cosy party of about 10kids & some 10-15 parents. We stayed for about 2hours so the kids can come as & when they feel like making a PomPom Monster with us. We truly appreciate parents who worked on the PomPom Monster together with their kids. It's always nice seeing parent & child working together :) Special thanks to Nancy who patiently guided her 3-year-old son, Samuel, through to make 3 PomPom Monsters!
Nancy, I hope your hand is ok! It was really nice chatting with you that evening. Samuel is truly a very charming boy. I'm sure you're a very proud Mom! :)

Lynn, Thank you so much for having us! It was indeed a very well thought-out party. LOVE the cheerful balloons & candy floss making machine! All in line with your "Strawberry Shortcake" theme. Edward & I had a wonderful evening :)

Edward, you are always my greatest Knotty helper. So thankful u were there to help the kids along. As always, never could have done it without you! :)

Knotty Super Models!

Check out these adorable babies! Appreciate all these wonderful shots taken by Mums & Dads & thank u so much for sharing these "kodak moments" with other Knotty Fans!

Happy Wedding Anniversary! :)

Today is my wedding anniversary & hubby surprises me with this beautifully cheerful bouquet of flowers delivered to our home!

"Dar Dar, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything. Thank u for being so tolerant of my nonsense all these years, thank u for being so unconditionally supportive & encouraging of my willful venture in Knotty Bicsie, most of all, thank u for loving me! Today we celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. I'm sure there'll be many more loving years to come. I'm very grateful for & will treasure our marriage. I want to grow old with you!"
- Your loving wife :)
12th June 2009

2nd Introductory Crochet Craze Workshop @MAAD

By popular requests, I did another Introductory Crochet Craze Workshop @MAAD last Sunday. This time, it was full house with 5 Crochet Craze newbies! Check out their beautiful virgin project - knotty mobile phone pouch! :)
"Betsy is a patient teacher & for a beginner like me who has no experience in crochet, I feel very accomplished when I completed my mobile phone pouch. Although I made lots of mistakes, she was willing to guide me along in correcting me. I have certainly learnt a lot during these 2 hours. Thank you, Betsy!" - Evelyn, 7th June 2009
"Thanks, Betsy! I have a wonderful afternoon learning the crochet technique from you. Your instructions are clear & you are patient. Hope to have the chance to learn more from you. Cheers!" - Ellen, 7th June 2009
"Haha back again for a second mini-workshop with Betsy!! Because she is such an attentive teacher. :) Finished a cute pouch under 2hrs! Crochet is amazingly faster than knitting indeed. haha, good for more 'instant-gratification' projects :)" - Amy, 7th June 2009

Special Announcement!!!
From now on, simply gather your family & friends to form a group of 3-5people & you can email me (betsy@knottybicsie.com.sg) to request for your very own Introductory Funky Knit &/or Crochet Craze Workshop! Workshop details as follows:

Introductory Funky Knit / Introductory Crochet Craze - mobile phone or coin pouch
Available Dates: 1st Sunday of every month (eg. 6th July, 2nd August, 6th September, etc)
Time: 11am-1pm
Venue: MAAD @red dot design museum (28 Maxwell Road)
Fees: S$20.00/student, INCLUDES all materials
Note: Strictly by appointment only! Pls book your slot at least 1week in advance to prevent disappointment. Minimum 3students to start a class.

Knotty Bicsie in Young Parents

Check out the latest issue of Young Parents. We are being featured on the booties page under Young Parents Baby! Yay! :) Thank you so much, Young Parents! :)

Mo-Gu Says "Hi"

Remember "Mo-Gu" created for Amy's boyfriend? Well, Amy's good friend visited Amy's bf in London & took this photo. How cute! :D Wow, I've never been to London but my creations have! & to other parts of the world too. Quite an amazing feeling! & I'm truly grateful!

KBCC #14 - ButtonArt

Last Saturday was time for our monthly crafting rendezvous again! As usual, we had yet another jolly good time :) This time round, our craft is inspired by talented crafter I met on www.flickr.com Trust me, this ButtonArt is actually harder than it looks. P8 Accessories & Button Art, Thanx for sharing your brilliant ideas!
Well, I must say our 1st attempt at ButtonArt is not too bad la, even though a few of us "cheat" by constructing our ButtonArt on a felt :P We all struggled a bit at the beginning, then we had our usual "makan" (means eat in Malay) session before we persevere on & created these beautiful pieces. :)
I'm sure many of u still remember EeWei, who migrated to Edmonton? Well, she truly is 1 crazy crafting enthusiast! She's been trying so hard to continue to be part of KBCC, we finally found a solution! I will inform her of our craft in advance, so she can make 1 & mail it to me before our monthly KBCC. Then 1 lucky winner each month will get to swop his/her craft with EeWei. Here's our very 1st lucky winner, Richard!
EeWei, won't tell u which is Richard's masterpiece yet, so u'll get a surprise when I mail it over to you! :)
There was another special guest at our KBCC last Saturday. ShuaiXun brought his precious little ball-joint-doll. She is so photogenic indeed! No wonder people are so crazy about these "bjd"!
For our next KBCC, we will be changing out timing to 3.30-6pm instead. This is because some members had to rush from work & other commitment to KBCC, so we decided to push back the timing from now on. Details of June's KBCC:

KBCC #15 - Water Colour
Date: 27th June 2009 (Sat)
Time: 3.30-6pm
Things to bring: Please bring along paint brushes if u have, & a piece of rag.
Registration: S$10.00/person, includes painting materials & light refreshments.
Pls R.S.V.P. by 22nd June (Mon) to confirm your attendance. Thank you!

Goodbye, Gong-Gong...

May ended in a cruel way. The sudden passing of my grandpa shook everyone with grief. Nasty experience over my grandma's funeral some 25years ago made my mum, Uncles & Aunties decide on a simple affair to mourn over grandpa. The quiet & peaceful funeral was indeed most appropriate. We spent lotsa time talking about the good old days when grandma & grandpa were still around. I have many fond memories of my childhood when I had to spend my weekends at grandpa & grandma's. I always looked forward to Grandpa's perfect brew of kopi-o & half-boiled eggs... I remember how naughty grandpa used to trick me into believing that his favourite dish from grandma's cooking was actually dog meat, just so that he can have it all to himself... I remember how grandpa & I share the same passion for big chunky watches & rings... This is our way of saying goodbye...
GongGong, I miss you so much... tell Wai-Po that I miss her everyday too...