Meet KBCC Enthusiast - Laura

"Thank you for your patience and your cheerful personality which have helped made my crafting process enjoyable.  It's also great that your explanations are clear and precise. As you know I love to show-off my handiwork even though it may not be perfrect.  I just did that today and I feel so Shiok!!!!! Thanks dear." - Laura, 31st August 2008

Customized Order from Wei Shien

These are 5 cardholders Wei Shien has asked me to make for her friends. Sure hope they will like it as much as I do! In fact, I made one for myself too! ;P

Meet Crochet Craze - Shireen

"Thanks for the patience and clear instructions given. And also for the cosy studio for the lessons. It helped to make Ginger possible... YEH..." - Shireen, 25th August

I'm the BIGGEST Knotty Fan!

"When i first got the kit to make these fluffy creations, i thought they looked like some ninja weapons when fully open. Hence the inspiration behind this photo. :) I really love making my poms poms and i make them everywhere when i get some time to sit down - be it on the mrt or waiting for a friend. Personally, my favourite part of making these little balls of fluff is when i get to slice into the yarn and see it spread into a ball of nice poof!" - Ee Wei, 15th August 2008

"There's so much creativity and vibes going on wiring up these knots of love! I never owned a pair of knitted shoes before and my son's just so fortunate to have his first pair of knitted shoes from his auntie as a gift! Hopefully, i can also learn this wonderful skill from bicsie and create more naughty shoes! A proud owner of knotty bicsie!" - Angelia, 13th August 2008

"I like the colour combination of your products. The prices of the products are just right and they are of good quality... Also, you are very efficient in sending the goods to us as soon as possible!" - ChenYen, 8th August 2008

Booties for my Footie Contest

Remember the "Bootie for my Footie" Contest organized by Junior & U, which Knotty Bicsie is sponsoring the prizes? Well, the results are out! Here are some of the very pretty entries submitted by the very creative Mummies out there.
And these are the pretty booties that the winners have received! Sure hope they will keep those little footies warm & clean :)

I'm the BIGGEST Knotty Fan!

"I'm the BIGGEST Knotty Fan!" Competition
To show my appreciation to all my Knotty Fans, Knotty Bicsie is giving away special prizes this month! Take a beautiful photo of yourself with any Knotty Bicsie product, add a little creative caption to show what a proud owner of Knotty Bicsie creation(s) you are, & email to by next Friday, 15th August 2008, Singapore time 2359hr.
  • A pair of tickets to Fireworks Carnival on 23rd August 2008 for the BEST ENTRY
  • $10-voucher 

Our Crafting Studio

Our Crafting Studio is getting crowded these days! Check out our busy Funky Knitters & Crochet Craze! This is how our studio looks like almost everyday! As recent as a month ago, we have workshops EVERYDAY, from Mon-Sun! Then a few sweet students asked me, "Then when's your off-day? You mean you don't have a rest day??" Hmm... then it struck me that I SHOULD declare at least 1 off-day for myself! :P So now, Monday is my official off-day, but from crafting studio only la :P I usually use Monday to update this blog (like what I'm doing now), do some paper work, plus some house chores. My mum usually comes by every Monday to hang out too. So we'll spend a day together, sometimes knitting/crocheting in my studio, sometimes out shopping :)

Many students have told me that they are envious of my life, or rather lifestyle now, doing what I like in my home environment & making a living at the same time :) well, I must agree I feel very grateful for this blissful life indeed. I truly appreciate all the TLC (tender love & care) given by my hubby & family, & also the generous support given by my wonderful, enthusiastic Knotty Fans like yourself! Thank you all, you made this ideal lifestyle possible for me! :D

Meet Funky Knitter - Seline

"When i first learn knitting from Betsy in the MAAD, I knew it was different. Compare to the other places that you learn, it's a remarkable experience. Betsy is very attentive and patient. She not only teaches you the basic and right method of it, she also explains every details that you are unsure of, & she also always makes sure that we have no problem in our project. 
Knitting in Betsy's home studio is also another amazing experience. A comfortable and soothing place for knitting. Check out her baby booties, & your heart will definitely melt when you see them!
Betsy, thank you for teaching me the techniques, it was a great knowing you for the one month. If I could stay, I will definitely learn more. See ya again when I'm back... keep in contact!!!! muack muack..."
- Seline, 2nd August 2008