Haha... Can't wait to make more stuff for my little angel to model in! ;P

Announcing the Arrival of Baby Edda!

Haha... this is long overdue... our baby Edda finally say "hi" to everyone on 6th July 2010 (Tue) @1440hr! (I was born @1444hr :P)
The 1st 2 weeks were indeed a challenge... pumping milk, feeding, diaper change, etc... everything so new, so overwhelming... I did not have a confinement lady (my supposed CL played me out >:( long story, but nvm...), but my mil cooked for me for the 1st 3weeks, while my mum helps me with Edda. Really grateful! :) Now that we've more or less successfully set a routine, everyday seems to pass by so quickly & before I realize it, Edda is already 1month old! Yay...! Edda's gonna get her very 1st haircut & manicure later when hubby gets home ;) hehe...
Edda's really growing fast! Crochet this cap for her & it fits her perfectly only for the 1st 2 weeks & she's now outgrown it liao! :P
Believe it or not, was knitting this beanie for her in the morning of 5th July, just before my final gyne appointment. Good thing I managed to complete it in the same morning... coz I was admitted to the hospital the same evening as I had actually already dilated 3cm! :P This beanie was indeed "JUST IN TIME"! ;)
Edda is such a sweetheart, isn't she??? :))) hehe...