Voodoo Zoological Project

Some of u must've already seen these adorable little fellas on our Facebook Fan Page. Well, guess what? The pattern book is finally launching NEXT WEEK @Kinokuniya!!! :) Even better news: Knotty Bicsie is proud sponsor of 100 x $50-vouchers to help promote the book launch! Look out for the red sticker as shown below on the pattern book when purchasing the book :) The $50-voucher is redeemable when u sign up for a Crochet Craze (Amigurumi) Workshop.

Meet the 10 (out of 17) kawaii creatures that can be found in the pattern book:
Meet the handsome toucan
Meet the sleepy ladybug
Meet the sweet giraffe 
Meet the lion who loves busking in the sun
Meet the monkey who turns out to be afraid of height!? Yikes! 
Meet the koala who is in search of his mate (pun intended :P)
Meet the dusty bunny
Meet the handsome dragon
Meet the octopus who can't help feeling rather out of place  here :P
Meet the friendly dachshund
There are 7 other adorable patterns in the book. So go down to Kinokuniya next week & be the 1st 100 to grab our FREE $50-Voucher when u purchase the pattern book :)

Rubber Stamp Carving was Really Fun!

Last weekend we had 2sessions of Rubber Stamp Carving Fun! with our friendly & sweet Teacher Jo :) Being a full-time teacher before turning full-time Mum, Jo definitely made rubber stamp carving almost easy as ABC! Her handouts & instructions are both helpful & comprehensive. The kit-sets she's prepared for us are definitely of very good quality too! She's also very patient & approachable whenever anyone got "stuck" :) Thanks a million, Jo, for bringing so much joy & fun to Knotty Bicsie Studio! Looking forward to more collaborations in future :)

ps: For those of you who missed out on Rubber Stamp Carving Fun! this time, do drop me an email (bicsie@gmail.com) to indicate your interest, so we can try to make arrangements for more sessions for you :) & If u can form your own group of 4-8pple, we will be able to start a session right away for you! :)

Happy Sling is Back!!!

CNY is round the corner! Have u gotten bags for your little ones to collect their "ang-baos"? Our Knotty Happy Slings are just what u need! They are perfect for ages 1-5, or even the young at heart :)

Each Happy Sling is uniquely hand-crocheted, with hand-sewn lining & hand-stitched applique. Mastepieces of our very own Knotty Elf, Irene. The 12x10cm pouch size is just enough for our EZ-Link card, a tissue pack, & maybe 1 or 2 little affections to bring out with :) The 100cm strap is also proportionate to the little ones' height. I'm sure they look VERY KAWAII on your little ones!!! :)

Only 3pcs left. So hurry! Email Betsy (bicsie@gmail.com) to order now!
Price: S$28.00 each,
EXclude S$4.00 postage via registered mail for local/Singapore address. S$8.00 for O-overseas address 
To order, email bicsie@gmail.com your Full Name, Contact Number, Mailing AddressName of Happy Sling you are ordering.

Christmas Shopping Time! Ho! Ho! Ho!

My favourite time of the year is drawing near... & I can hear the Santa bells jingling already! My little Edda has just learnt to say "Ho! Ho! Ho!" too! hehe.... It's really funny when she does that! Ho! Ho! Ho! :D

I can't wait to start my Christmas shopping! Have u started yours yet??? Here's something u might wanna add onto your shopping list - Knotty Snowball Scarves! ;) Hand-knitted with loads of love by Knotty Elf Wenn Yann :)
2pcs only.
1pc only.
1pc only.
Each scarf is approximately 1.5m long.
Price: S$60.00/pc
(Postage surcharge is applicable. S$4.00 for local/Singapore address, S$8.00 for overseas address. Registered mail only. Alternatively, u may also arrange to self-collect from Knotty Bicsie Studio @Admiralty Drive, Sembawang.)

Yes, only FOUR pieces available. So grab them before they are all gone ;) To purchase, pls email bicsie@gmail.com & indicate if u want the mix-coloured, pink or blue one. Happy shopping! :)

Congratulations to 3 Lucky Winners of Our Birthday Give-Away! :)

Congratulations to Ariana, Bingjie & Kervin! Happy crocheting! ;)

NEW!!! Rubber Stamp Carving Fun!

Rubber Stamp Making Workshop for Beginners
Duration: 2hr/workshop
Workshop Fees: S$32.00, INCLUDES ALL tools & materials
Available Slots:
- 25th Nov (Fri), 2-4pm;
- 26th Nov (Sat), 4-6pm;
- 2nd Dec (Fri), 2-4pm; or
- 3rd Dec (Sat), 4-6pm

To register, simply email your name, contact number & preferred slot to bicsie@gmail.com
Pls note that class size per session is minimum 4pax, maximum 8pax.

Raveling Friends, NEVER Rivalry Foes :)

For those of u who has been following my blog, u will not find this week's local talent unfamiliar, for she's been mentioned a couple of times here liao :) Similarly, if u are a fan of her wedding dolls, u'd also have heard (or read) my name mentioned a few times on her blog too :P Yes, yes, she's none other than my dear friend, Jullie! :)
I met Jullie online while exploring Etsy as a platform to sell my baby booties. Then together with a few other local Etsians, Jullie came visit my stall @MAAD some 4years ago. Somehow both of us just clique & even went out for dinner a few times after that :) Well, again, the rest is history la :P

I've literally witness Jullie metamorphoses from a passionate crafter yet with a clear direction, to one fabulous crafter with a distinct style of her own. Hop over to her blog now & I bet u'll be going, "Wow! Wow...! Wow.... Wa.....!" :)
Jullie is definitely more than a "raveling friend"... We've both seen each other through our *young* aspiring crafter days to finding our individual directions & style, even to becoming Mummies! :) Now our babies are friends too! :P
Jullie is a perfectionist & she always insists on intricate details for all her customized wedding dolls designs. Her beautiful dolls (I know it's an under-statement) definitely speak for themselves & her "hobby" grows into a serious business which requires additional pair of hands! Woohoo...! She now has a permanent helper who helps her crochet the basic body parts, while she will do the assemblage & finishing touches. She never fails to surprise me with every new dolls she posts on her blog... My FAVOURITE by far is this new Japanese-inspired pair. Just look at the details! I'm totally LOVING it, are u??? :)))
Nevertheless, I had to give Jullie my blessings with mixed feelings when she told me that she's going back to full-employment job & is gonna make her dolls in SERIOUSLY LIMITED EDITION (only 4pairs/month i think?!?!) starting next year! I know! Even U are disappointed right??? :( Well, just remember to book her REAL FAST to avoid disappointment then ;)

Jullie is actually not the only crocheter/knitter whom I've approached to do a feature on. Sadly, the rest turned down my offer & I think it's because most questioned my intentions, especially since I'm a knitter/crocheter too. Well, honestly, in my opinion, the only way to find our directions, styles & niche areas, is by knowing & learning from your "competitors". Jullie & I been doing exactly that! :) We discuss our business plans, our new designs, our new directions, & we get new insights from each other! This has helped us grow & develop a lot more than if we were to just hide in our little attic & knit/crochet away.

As arrogant as it may sound, but I'm never afraid of "copycats". In fact, I'm secretly flattered if I come across anyone trying to copy my work! :P "Copycats" will always victimize themselves in cannibalism in this small competitive crafting world. Only the true "masters" will "out-wit", "out-do" & finally "out-last" in the crafting world... It also puzzles me why crafters are always so defensive & possessive over "their style"... In the Art scene, everyone starts off by copying from the masters before we eventually find our own style. I suppose I can't speak much for real big art masters since a lot of them are already no longer in our world, but I really think Singapore crafters in general (including myself) still have a long long way to go...
Oops, sorry for the side-track (Jullie, pls forgive me :P) hehe.... hop over to check out Jullie's BEAUTIFUL DOLLS now! [http://http://www.julshandmade.blogspot.com/] :)

A Glimpse @A Few of the Many Knotty Orders That's Been Keeping Us Busy

Special note to all the disappointed Knotty Fans whose orders we've not been able to work on: Really very sorry to disappointment u, but September & October has always been our busiest months & our hands are literally, really very tight :( So do remember to order early next time to avoid disappointment :)
Knotty Phant, Pinky, to join her siblings at a loyal Knotty Fan's collection.  Jet's been collecting a Knotty Phant on every Knotty Bicsie's Birthday! Thanx, Dear! ;)
No doubt tired, everyone @Knotty Bicsie is always thrilled when we manage to put happy smiles on  Knotty Fans' faces when they receive our packages. Yay! :) Here are a few of them... :)
There's been sooo... many babies joining our happy Knotty Club, I've really lost count! The other day someone asked me if I keep count of how many booties I've made & how many are "out there" playing with the little princes & princess. Hmm... honestly, I've lost count! :P But If I may use my Knotty Bicsie packaging boxes to gauge (well, this can only be a ROUGH gauge, since some did not want the box coz it's to be mailed overseas, or some are meant for their own babies, while some requested for a few pairs to be put into 1 box...), then we must've sold at least 1200pairs of booties over the past 5years!!! Since I've used up about 1200pcs of boxes :P Wow! I must thank that person who asked me this challenging question! Never realize this is how much you Knotty Fans out there LOVE us! THANK YOU!!!! WE LOVE YOU too & promise to continue to make these little handmade-with-love & always come up with new knitty gritty to melt your hearts with ;)
Besides booties, of course we've been making many other knitty gritty, from the practical ones like scarf & beanie... to wearables... even some whacky ones like the Amigurumi, bowties, knitted placenta for teaching aid (this is still the quirkiest by far! :P), etc. :P It's really been very fun for us @Knotty Bicsie too! :)
I totally enjoyed knitting this little cardigan for a little princess. I'm so loving the colours! :) 
These 2scarves are flying all the way to florida to keep a loving pair warm. Hand-stitched some "love notes" on the scarves. His tag reads: "Wifey <3 Me"; Her tag reads: "Hubby <3 Me" :)))
I can hear the jingling X'mas bell ringing already.... if u are planning to get some Knotty handmade-with-love, gentle reminder to All Knotty Fans: With immediate effect, pls allow at least 3 weeks production time for all orders. Bulk orders will be at least 4weeks, depending on the volume & complexity of designs. Thank you! We really do not wanna rush through our work, as we would rather maintain our standard & quality of our creations :) If u do need any URGENT order (1-2items within 2weeks), there'll be a surcharge of 20% of product price. Thank u for your kind understanding! :)

"Birthday Pilgrimage" to HCI

October 12 & 13 have been 2 very special days for Knotty Bicsie since 2009. These are the 2 days when the J1 students of Hwa Chong Institution gets to enjoy their 2 days of Sabbaticals Program, while their teachers go busy marking their exam scripts :P & coincidentally, itx the time when Knotty Bicsie celebrates our Anniversary! So it always feels like a "birthday pilgrimage" for Knotty Bicsie :P
This year, besides our usual Funky Knit & Basic Tatting Workshop, we also collaborated with Japonicas to conduct a very special course - "Mu" Workshop (Terrarium & Hand-Bouquet).

I'm really excited when the teacher-incharge told me the wonderful news of "full-house" for Funky Knit Workshop on both days. This means Knotty Bicsie will be able to spread knitting as a therapeutic hobby to 50 new Funky Knitters!!! It's indeed an honour to be able to make crafting (knitting in this case) a modern way of life for everyone. & I give myself a pat on my shoulder with every new Funky Knitter that Knotty Bicsie successfully teach :) So 50pats this year... I can have a massage liao! Woohoo... :P

With 2 full classes this year, which means I had to bring more "Knotty Elves" along... :P

Meet Master Wenn Yann.
Wenn Yann is extremely experienced in her knitting & crochet. In fact, I would say she's much more experienced than me! Knotty Bicsie is so honoured to have her join our humble team. Wenn Yann's experience, patience & approachable personality makes everyone (students, other "Knotty Elves" & myself) simply adores & respects her :)

Meet Knotty Elf - Chenyen.
Chenyen has a long history with Knotty Bicsie. We 1st met some 4years ago, when I conducted my very 1st corporate knitting workshop @Anderson JC. Chenyen was 1 of the very enthusiastic students I met then. Some even went to MAAD to look for me after the workshop! It was indeed a very encouraging & heartwarming experience for me. It was also a pleasant surprise when Chenyen called me up 1 day to say she'd like to continue knitting & learn more about knitting. & the rest, like they say, is history... From a young Funky Knitter, Chenyen has now bloomed into a wonderful Knotty Knitting Instructor (which never fails to surprise her friends)!

Meet Knotty Elf - Gina.
Gina is an extremely talented crafter. Among all the handicrafts, u name it, she probably had properly learnt from a teacher & even has a proper tool set for them :P Since she's left-handed, I was initially apprehensive about teaching her to crochet. When we both finally picked up the courage to just give it a shot, I was immediately amazed at & impressed with Gina's psychomotor skills! Within minutes, she was crocheting like a right-handed Crochet Craze! Nothing can stop her now! ;) She was shy & unsure when I 1st approached her to join the Knotty Elf Team. Very glad I finally managed to convince her (after a lot of persuasion & assurance! :P). Look at that smile! I know the students really like her & I know she truly enjoyed herself too! :)

Meet our dear friend, Ayako.
Ayako is not really our "official Knotty Elf", but she's always so willing to help when I need extra hands. Ayako is much more than just extra help. To me, Ayako's been a guide, a listening ear & a supportive friend. Thanks so much, my dearest friend Ayako!