URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Knotty Party Postponed

Dear Knotty Fans,

Sorry to disappoint you, but due to unforeseen circumstances, Knotty Party on 30th Oct 2010 (Sat) is postponed till further notice. However, if u are still keen on ORDERing yarns, supplies & pattern books at 20% discount, please make an appointment with me on 29th (Fri) or 30th (Sat) Oct to choose from the SAMPLES. Orders will be ready for collection by the following week.

Meet Crochet Craze - Sharon

"Hello :) I got to know Betsy's workshop online & I'm really glad to start this class! I did my 1st pencil case. She is really patient & also shares a lot of ideas with me, correcting my mistakes too. I'll definitely continue to learn more from her!" - Sharon, 10th Oct 2010

Funky Knit Workshop @Hwa Chong Institute on 12&13 Oct 2010

Knotty Bicsie is very happy to be invited to be part of Hwa Chong Institute (College)'s Annual Sabbaticals Program again this year :) Coincidentally, this marks my "grand" return to work from my maternity leave :P Once again, I had lotsa fun @HCI with their enthusiastic students & helpful staffs. I'm surely looking forward to a very long term collaboration :)
Last year, my mum & Funky Knitter Amy were my assistants. This year, since my mum gotta help look after baby Edda, & Amy is busy with her work, I got Funky Knitters, Ayako & Chenyen, to help out instead. & they were equally awesome & lovable!!! Thanx, ladies! ;) 

"Very interesting lesson. Steps taught were clear & manageable. The lesson ensures that everyone is able to catch up & learn at a suitable pace. The teacher & assistants are helpful, patient, friendly & cheerful in their guidance. Overall, a great & enjoyable knitting lesson! :D" - Ying Yun

"Good! :)" - Ming Wei

"It was an interesting lesson & I am much more familiar with knitting now :D" - Siman

"Friendly & clear guidance from patient teacher & helpers. Easy to understand instructions. Great lesson! :)" - Shermaine

"Very fun! Pace could be faster so that we can maybe do 2 products in 1 lesson :D Makes me want to learn knitting after this :)" - Charlotte

"Instructions were clear & easy to follow! Helpers were extremely helpful in providing help when needed. Perhaps some course materials can be given so we can continue to knit as a hobby after the workshop." - Shirley

"Interesting. But more can be taught. Like how to change the yarn colour etc." - Huijun

"It is fun to knit, I enjoyed myself. The instructors were very helpful." - Peiqi

"Clear instructions were give, & sufficient time was given for us to complete our project. The instructors are also friendly & approachable! :)" - Sze Ling

"Good introduction. Should have explained more about different knitting patterns, how to make those kinds of colourful knitting patterns. Overall an enjoyable session. :)" - Qianlin

"Session was extremely clear, fun & educational. Would like to knit more things." - Simin

"Lesson was interesting & fun. Instructors were helpful & friendly. Good for extra materials to be provided so that we can continue knitting at home. Thank you! :)" - Amelia

"Instructions given were very clear & instructors were very friendly & helpful :)" - Huicong

"Thank u for bringing us such an excellent knitting course! I like knitting a lot & wish that I can learn more from you when my study is not so busy :)" - Chen Minne

"More choices." - Cheryl

"More variety of projects instead of handphone pouch, students can be given some other choices." - Jia Min

"Enriching & fun!" - Congzhi

"A great eye-opener to knitting! :) It was thoroughly enjoyable & the instructors were awesome. Thanks!" - Valerie

"Thank you!! I had so much fun knitting today! :) Today's lesson is really interesting & useful. Thank you!" - Wandong

"The Funky Knit Workshop was really really interesting :) I really enjoyed myself. I suggest for a longer duration for this course so we can learn new knitting techniques/ knit different stuffs. The explanations & guidance from the instructors were pretty clear :)" - Shi Min

"Quite interesting. Hope this course can continue next year." - Yeqi

"Fun, but the time is a little short :) Provides us with more yarn colours :)" - Wuyan

"Very fun & engaging! Patient teachers." - Rachel

"Quite fun :)" - Yidi

"It was a very fun lesson, & the playing of music was effective in making a more relaxed atmosphere. I enjoyed myself greatly!" - Jia Xin

"Great experience & good teaching! :)" - Eiffel

"Class too big. Different people learn at different pace. Perhaps more styles can be taught." - Hui Yi

"The session could be longer so that we can learn more techniques :)" - Yi Jung

"Engaging :)" - Amanda

"Easy & relatively interesting workshop." - Ruofan

"Very fun & interesting. I would like to try out new projects given the time." - Shi Ya

"It was a very fun & relaxing session :)" - Felicia

"The workshop was very fun & easy to learn. I really enjoyed knitting. the instructors were interesting & friendly." - Yijia

"Interesting workshop." - Ying Xuan

"Quite fun. The instructors are very helpful. The skills are useful." - Simin

"Very fun :)" - Yinuo

New!!! Bead-It-Your-Way Workshop with Knotty Bicsie!

I've had some enquiries on conducting jewellery-making workshop. Finally I found a bubbly & passionate instructor, Jet, to join Knotty Bicsie Crafting Studio! Jet joined us for the 1st time in our collaboration with Hwa Chong Institution (College).
"Fun & interactive :) Very interesting :D" - Xinyi

"Hope to attend another session in the future! :P" - Chen Jing

"It's fun & very useful :D" - Chengcen

"Quite interesting workshop. Enjoyed it :)" - Su Yi

"Nice & fun, lots of different items made, although more skills taught would be nice." - Yvonne

New!!! Shuttle Tatting Workshop with Knotty Bicsie

Shuttle tatting has always been very fascinating to me. I'm real lucky to have found a very skillful & fantastic instructor to come on board Knotty Bicsie Crafting Studio. Ellen joined us for the 1st time in our collaboration with Hwa Chong Institution (College). Her shuttle tatting session has been well-received & we're in the process of making shuttle tatting workshop officially part of Knotty Bicsie Crafting Studio. So do look out for the launch of the workshop in Nov 2010! ;)
"Excellent lesson! Instructor was very patient in explaining the methods. Very (x1000) interesting & creative tats, new skill learnt. Great eye-opener :D" - Qiu Li

"Thanks for the exposure. It was interesting :) Thanks for being immensely patient with us too! You're talented! :)" - Hong Kai

"A great eye-opener to tatting! :) the instructor was very kind & patient." - Valerie

"It's quite fun & therapeutic. I like tying chains & rings :)" - Elizabeth

"Very interesting cultural handiwork. Love the exoticness, but highly skilled activity. Can practice making friendship bands & such nice takeaways." - Hui Li

"Shuttle tatting is quite fun &interesting. But it's very tiring to look at / do :) Completing pieces give you a sense of satisfaction." - Kelly

"It's quite interesting :)" - Jacqueline

"It's actually quite fun & the tats are really delicate & pretty, but I can't really do it 'coz I'm bad with handicraft." - Jinny

"Quite interesting. maybe it should be extended to a 2-day course because 1 day is not enough to begin it properly & it's too tiring." - Suat Ying

"Interesting to learn. 2-day module will be better." - Huijun

"Tatting is difficult but interesting." - Peiqi

"It's an interesting course. Thanks so much!" - Chen Minne

"Course is interesting, but there could have been more intervals in between." - Priscilla

"Interesting course & helpful instructor." - Cerlyn

"Should have used visualizer to demonstrate. Can be prolonged to 2 days in order to complete product. Interesting!" - Cheryl

"Very fun! eye-opening! Could have done more products." - Charlotte

"Very clear & easy to follow instructions. Very understanding, patient & friendly teacher :D Fun & interesting! :D" - Shermaine

Pocket Tissue Cover Workshop with Knotty Bicsie

Remember Suzanne & her beautiful hand-quilted pieces? She joins us this time in our collaboration with Hwa Chong Institute (College) too :) 
"Very interesting & kits provided were appealing. Enjoyed myself during the session. Thank you!" - Grace

"The instructor is really patient & nice! :) & the course is fun & interesting :)" - Pei Shan

"I like the session. the instructor is very approachable & helpful. I learnt more about stitching techniques :)" - Xin Yi

"Lovely, patient teacher. Very fun & therapeutic." - Zephyr

"Fun! :D" - Ai Leng

"1st half quite slow paced, but overall quite fun! :)" - Maria

"Engaging & fun. Interesting experience." - Li En

"Fun! Sufficient materials given! Instructor is nice, friendly & knowledgeable." - Jun Ying

"Quite fun & interesting. Duration of course a bit too long. But enjoyed myself nonetheless." - Laura

"Fun but tiring! :)" - Yu Jia

"Good experience overall." - Kester