A Dream Come True - Best Birthday Gift Ever!

A few years ago on my birthday, I set a goal to achieve something BIG by my 35th birthday - publishing an illustration book about a little girl who picks up knitting from a happy knitting elephant perhaps?
Well, on my 36th Birthday last year, not having a permanent space to continue with Knotty Bicsie, I was struggling to look for a direction for Knotty Bicsie. Not even anywhere close to the goal I set 5 years ago! "Fortunately" I was so busy picking up my pieces, I must say I don't remember feeling any disappointment nor sadness at all, for not being able to achieve my goal? Oops! :P

Another year has zoomed past, my 37th Birthday is approaching this Sunday. I'm proud to announce that I finally achieved something BIG! No illustration book YET, but I'm now a proud owner of Knotty Bicsie Knitting Cafe!!! And our official opening is of course this Sunday, 11Jan2015, on my Birthday! :D I am 2 years late, but better late then never right?? heehee... :P

Although a small shop, it really feels like a dream come true. Better yet, it feels like a 2nd home to my family & I. And so my NEW resolution, definitely aspire to be able to spend more time with my family, be it at our 2nd home, or anywhere around the world... AND to groom our 2nd home into a sustainable family "playground" for me & my 2 Dar-dars ;)
Here's a toast to everyone chasing your dream, may all your dreams come true like mine! May all sour dream manifest into something even more magnificent & magical!

Kewpie Cosplay Crochet Workshop

Thank u Knotty Fans for your overwhelming response! Since our Kewpie Cosplay Crochet Workshop is FULLY SUBSCRIBED even before I could post it here, we've decided to open another session!

Date: Sunday, 19 Oct 2014
Time: 2-5pm
To register: 9382 9488 (SMS/Whatsapp)
[ps: only 4seats left. Act now to avoid disappointment ;P]

July Rhapsody

Hello Knotty Fans! We hope July has been bright and sunny for everyone! Itx been a little crazier for me coz besides our growing ongoing classes, itx my little Edda's 4th Birthday this month! So glad I haven't "lost my edge", & managed to crochet this sweet blouse & her Frozen Snowflake Charm in time for her Frozen-themed party :D This lovely smile just made all the hard work absolutely worthwhile :)

To our new fans who had just joined us over at our crafting studio at Orchard Plaza, we are excited to have you with us on this crafty journey and we are definitely looking forward to sharing your knitting & crochet journey. 

We continue to be thrilled to see all the amazing creations our existing Knotty Fans have been crocheting & knitting up at our studio, and it always brightens up everyone’s day when we get to see their completed amazing “works-of-heart”.  And sometimes, when Knotty Fans send me photos of their completed “secret projects”, which they work independently at home, I can’t help but glee with joy & pride! Thank you for sharing your joy! :D

While you continue to wrap the yarn around your needles, let’s chat a bit about KNITTING.  Some of u asked me who invented knitting?

How interesting whenever we speak about knitting, a stereotyped image of an old granny clicking those needles away on a rocking chair appears in that little thinking cloud!  Oh no, there is no rocking chair over at Knotty Bicsie studio, or at least not now …… but who knows? :P

 Now, who says the men don't get it?? :P

Some hard facts according to Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_knitting), it was believed to have been originated from Middle East (Egypt) and the earliest evidence was related to a resemblance of knitted socks, even though there weren’t any concrete clues to knitting’s age.  While the craft of knitting transmitted across the globe, items like knitted cushions, stockings and garments etc. were among the knitted works produced. 

Now let’s fast forward to our modern world. Knitting continues to be a therapeutic hobby among people of all ages and genders all over the world.  Exciting & Interesting yarns, paired with cool patterns, techniques and stitches available today, we are constantly inspired to create our very own one-of-a-kind masterpieces!

ALL of you have assumed that knitting & crochet are my passion. Hence Knotty Bicsie was born. Truth is, my passion is actually in the process of creating & making things from scratch. I just happened to have discovered knitting & crochet some 8years ago, when my soul was starving to MAKE MAKE MAKE! And so, knitting & crochet became a therapeutic medium to satisfy that hunger & craving to just CREATE! Well, the rest, like what they always say, is history. J And this is why I always tell people that Knotty Bicsie is a “happy accident”! ;) Nonetheless, knitting and crochet has indeed given me huge sense of contentment, accomplishment, satisfaction & completeness!  Totally indulging in & grateful for this amazing journey…
Fingers itching already? Sounds too tempting? Let’s put on some music, make your favourite cuppa, sink into your favourite couch, and ENJOY some wonderful knitting and crochet today!  ;D

Knit a Dream in June

In comes June and out goes May. In a flash, and half a year is almost gone!  If you happen to be one of our new Knotty Fans, or first time visiting our blog, here is a BIG shout out, “ WELCOME to Knotty Bicsie!” We are so glad that you found us ;)

A little trip down the memory lane... WOW!!! I still cannot believe that Knotty Bicsie had embarked on this wonderful adventure for almost seven and a half years!? And that makes us almost 2739 days old!

Armed with my hooks and needles and a bottle of magical potion that I proudly named “PASSION”, I made my dreams into a reality.  My little crafting studio has since taken off on an amazing journey.  Guess it is true - do what you LOVE and the rest will follow ;)

Crafting all these years along with Knotty Bicsie, it has been both a rewarding and humbling experience.  I have been very fortunate to meet lots of wonderful people (whom I now call friends), be it like-minded crafters and entrepreneurs, or our ever so supportive Knotty Fans.  Thank YOU for all the friendships, thank YOU for those endless encouragements and support all these years, and it had indeed opened up my life and inspired me in many ways.  I am full of gratitude for all these past years and I truly know Knotty Bicsie and this amazing journey happened because of YOU!

For the past 365 days, it has been more of a turbulent year full of challenging adventures.  In some ways “good” and in some ways “not so good.”  Sometimes it seems like changes are forced upon us and we have to think of new ways to handle these new beginnings.  At some point, the constant big waves & tsunami did give me a deep sense of unsettlement, causing me to doubt myself & wonder if I have indeed been knitting my sandcastle in air for too long already. All thanx to the "muscle man" of Knotty Bicsie, I am able to snap out of this downward spiral & re-aline our goals & dreams in running our little crafty cottage studio. Thank you, Dar! :)

And BOOM!  Right now, it seems like a "HAPPY problem” has emerged to push me yet again in search of a bigger studio space to accommodate our growing classes. Seems like an expansion is almost prematurely inevitable real soon!? 

This never-ending adventures have been filled with pleasant surprises, but mentally & emotionally tiring at the same time... Not complaining about this exciting life moving forward with big plans, but the biggest trade-off is not being able to spend more time with my lovely family, especially my little happy feet, Edda :(

As a motivated & driven person, getting a push now and again is not a bad thing at all. In fact, I am already knitting up a BIG dream in this new chapter. With all these exciting challenges, it has become clearer to me each day that I want to grow Knotty Bicsie into a family business.  Nothing too ambitious, just big enough to allow my beloved hubby and I to work together, and having Edda with us at our crafty little haven after school and mingling with all our wonderful Knotty Fans... I strongly believe this dream is NOT far away now. I am starting to visualize our crafty cove already :)

Till we move on to our next BIG dream, let’s just relax a little and do some knitting & crochet over an aromatic cuppa! ;)

Craft Workshops in Marvelous May!

Greetings from all of us at Knotty Bicsie and here we are heading onto the fifth month of the year!  So what have everyone been busy with? 

We are delighted as always to be greeted with all the happy faces and busy hands at our on-going knitting & crochet studio sessions, whilst admiring all those wonderful handiworks everyone has been knitting & crocheting up.  Thumbs up for all the Knotty Fans, you are all amazing! :D
Did you hear us mention something about “Marvelous May”?  YES!!!…..We are all ready to warm things up more than usual this May with some fun and exciting crafting workshops conducted by two of our brilliant “Guest Crafters”.   Are you all set to wake up your creativity and experience some new adventures in crafting with us?  Here we GO!!! 

We are starting the Marvelous May rolling with some “yummylicious” Rainbow Miniature Nyonya Kuehs Workshop by Jocelyn of AiClay (http://aiclay.com) happening on 24th May 2014, Saturday @ 4pm – 6pm.

Jocelyn is a very talented artist who does amazingly beautiful hand-sculpted food miniatures that looks almost real!  AiClay has appeared in various media features and Jocelyn’s workshops are often sold out.

So if you are curious to know how she creates those mini versions of “almost edible Kuehs”, then put on your “apron” and join us on 24th May and get inspired in the art of miniatures food crafting with AiClay.   Be warned that those miniatures Kuehs are simply scrumptious but you can have our assurance that it contains absolutely zero calorie :P

Registration has already started, and the class is already almost full.
SMS/Whatsapp: 9382 9488 to register now to avoid disappointment.

Next, it’s time to “Carve” it out!  Have you ever wanted to learn more about the art of rubber stamp making and carve your very own unique piece of rubber stamp? 

Let’s get “crafty” this May and embark with Jo from LoveSprouts (https://www.facebook.com/lovesprouts.with.jo) on a journey to the wonderful world of stamp carving.

Jo is the 1st Japan-certified rubber stamp carver in Singapore. Get inspired by her as she shares her gorgeous stamp carving work and be amazed by her intricate and lovely rubber stamps crafts. 

So chase the Monday blues away and make a date with us on 26th May, Monday @ 7pm – 9pm.  Let us all indulge in a relaxing and rewarding hobby as you get introduced to the various carving tools, acquire the fundamental techniques and start carving out some lovely motifs on your very first rubber stamp.   Warning: We are not sure if we will turn you into a “rubber stamp hoarder” at the end of the workshop, but we are pretty sure that you will be stamping away (pun intended :P) happily afterwards! ;)

Registration is open.
SMS/Whatsapp: 9382 9488 to register now!

Now that we have gotten everyone excited about our Marvelous May workshops, keep those crafty hands busy this May and join us at the workshops.  Spread the fun, bring a friend along and who knows you might just get hooked on another new hobby, or u may simply just fall in love with our cosy little Knotty Bicsie Craft Studio ;) See ya soon.. ;)

Knitting & Crocheting Away in Orchard!

HELLO Knotty Fans!  Whoa, can’t imagine how time files and it’s actually almost end of April now. 

It’s been almost 2 months since our little charming craft studio settled down in the heart of Singapore’s busy Orchard Road and YES… it’s really awesome over here. Come by and say Hello if you happen to be in town conducting your “retail therapy” ;) 
Did we not mention about the array of lovely yarns that we currently have in store, and I am sure you will be inspired and charmed away by all the beautiful shades.  Haha… did we just give you an excuse to get those knitting needles and crochet hooks clicking away happily again!

By the way, mark your calenders if you have not (we just did on ours), Mother’s Day is coming up soon! Whether you are a mom, daughter, granny or even son or daddy …… we all know, being a mom is the “World’s Toughest Job” hence don’t forget to give yourself or your mommies a little “ME time” to recharge.  Don’t we all agree that mommies are Superheroes, except that we don’t actually don a cape (maybe we should just knit ourselves a Wonder Woman’s cape) or fly through the sky on a rescue mission *wink*

Personally I feel that engaging in a hobby really sets aside time just for “ME”.  Enjoying a couple of hours off without being under my pile of overwhelming laundry or sweating it out in my kitchen whipping up a never ending banquet really is a breather and a great way to unwind!   
 Still cracking your head in search of the perfect gift for Mother's Day? Look no more, coz it's time to get Mom a NEW HOBBY in knitting & crochet! Wouldn’t it be nice to keep mom accompany and spend some special bonding moments together whilst learning something new and even making new friends. :)
Crafting is definitely a therapeutic hobby, something we all agree that is fun, easy and relaxing! (Look at how all our Knotty Fans over at the studio now nodding their heads ;P)  So if you are thinking of rekindling your love for knitting & crochet, or engaging in a new knitting or crochet hobby, you know where to find us now ;)
If u haven't "Liked" our Facebook Fan Page, visit http://www.facebook.com/KnottyFans now to stay connected with us for more regular updates on our studio activities.

Till our next post, Keep Calm and Knit On! :D

Knotty Bicsie is the New Knitting / Crochet Studio in Orchard!

We have finally settled in at Orchard Plaza, and there's been lotsa knitting & crochet fun since last Wednesday! Woohoo... ;D Here's just a peek at our cosy little knitting studio...

More photos of our opening at our facebook fan page

Big Plans Big Move

We are moving to Orchard Plaza #02-51 (2nd shop on left of escalator) starting next Wednesday, 5March2014! To celebrate our opening, of course we are having some attractive promotions! Yippee...! ;D So, always wanted to pick up knitting & crochet? Know someone who is thinking of picking up a new hobby in knitting & crochet too? Come join us & get rewarded now! :)

Some Updates...

Dear Knotty Fans,

I know itx been a long while :P For those of you who haven't "Like" our Facebook Fan Page , pls do so, since I now post updates there more regularly. Itx simply too convenient to resist :P

If u haven't known, we now share a shop space with Artz Graine at 500 Guillemard Road #01-04 S399839. (Paya Lebar MRT exit D, behind City Plaza.) However, I do feel I am finally ready to fly solo, so am in the midst of looking for our very own shop space by March/April 2014. This sure is a BIG milestone for Knotty Bicsie! While feeling a bit nervous & uncertain, I do believe YOU, my dearest Knotty Fans, will continue to knit & crochet with me in years to come! ;) Like I always say, knitting & crochet are best enjoyed with fabulous friends! ;)

I do have some big plans lined up for 2014, so stay tuned...

Keep knitting/crocheting & smiling! :))) Together, let's make crafting, knitting & crochet a modern way of life for everyone! ;)

Betsy :)

Yet Another Quirky Project

Have u seen the latest Comfort Fabric Deodorant advert on TV? So vibrantly colourful, right? Itx a digital animation on a city of plushies. Well, turns out the Singapore-based designer of the advertising company, Ogilvy & Martha, prefers the real deal & contacted me to help make some props for their static adverts ;) It sure has been a fun-filled collaboration. The end product made us laugh so much too! :D Check these out....

This is my personal favourite! The green apple core & fish bone made me laugh so hard! Kawaii ne! Hahaha...! :D

So will u think of me when u next see these adverts?? :P

We are moving!

Dear Knotty Fans,

In view of our BIG MOVE, we have stopped our crafting sessions & ceased taking in orders. We will be back in action shortly in Sept/Oct 2013, with MANY EXCITING PROMOTIONS, just in time for our 7th Anniversary!!! So stay tuned... Thank u for your patience!

Luv, Betsy ;)

Amigurumi Fun @Scoop-of-Art

We had so much fun making fluffy owls @Scoop-of-Art on Monday, we decided to go for more! :)

4-Session Amigurumi Workshop
Learn to understand Japanese patterns & make your own Amigurumi from scratch.
Dates: Tuesdays (11, 18, 25 June & 2 July 2013)
Time: 6-8pm
Venue: Scoop-of-Art (same building as Marine Parade Library)
Fees: S$160.00, incl tools & materials
Email bicsie@gmail.com to register now!

Kawaii Amigurumi Kit-Sets

Kawaii Amigurumi Kit-Sets!
3 designs: Chicky Panda / Froggy Cat / Mousey Pig
Email bicsie@gmail.com to order now! :)

FREE Trial Knitting Lessons!!!

Dear Knotty Fans,

We are giving away FREE Trial Knitting Lesson to our NEW Knotty Fans!!! Email Betsy at bicsie@gmail.com to claim your free trial now! :)

[ps: Promotion for COMPLETE BEGINNERS only.]

Knotty Bicsie "Back in Action"

It's been so long since we last participated in bazaars & Art market. Really miss my "bazaar friends" & the fun! Time has never been our side to make enough product to be showcased u see :( This time round, decided to join a friend's little cosy event to start the ball rolling! :) Do swing by if u can! :)

In Loving Memory of Our Very Special Knotty Elf, Oreo

I have never really introduced this very special elf at Knotty Bicsie, but Knotty Fans who's visited our studio would've met him. Oreo was always charming, especially with the kiddos. Oreo had & will always have a special place in my heart. On Oreo's 2nd birthday, I started Knotty Bicsie. Every year as we celebrate Knotty Bicsie's Anniversary, we celebrate Oreo's Birthday...
On 24th November (Sat), Oreo waited till Knotty Fans from the morning class to leave to spend his last moments with me. I'm sorry we couldn't spend more quality time together, but am glad I was with you till you finally rest in peace. We will always remember you, Old Pal!

Oreo, 6 October 2004 - 24 November 2012.

Rubber Stamp Carving Fun!

Back by popular demand! This time Jo is bringing the X'mas mood into our carving fun!
Special Offer for Knotty Fans: S$55.00/pax, INCLUDE materials. (Usual Price: S$65/pax)
Limited seats only. Email bicsie@gmail.com to register now!

NEW! Finger Knitting & Decoupage Tile Coasters Workshop

The school holidays are here & X'mas is just round the corner! As usual, Knotty Bicsie has prepared a few special workshops for our Knotty Fans this season. These workshops are suitable for children too. Great time to come learn something new & be able to hand-make something for your love ones this X'mas! :)

Finger knitting is a form of knitting done entirely using fingers with no knitting needles involved in this technique! It is a fun way to introduce knitting to anyone, including children and easy to learn. A great way to keep one occupied too, e.g. travelling, as it is safe to do finger-knitting on planes.

Finger knitting produces a long thin strip of stitches which can be made into many useful items such as a scarf, belt, hair / gift decoration! 

Course Fees: S$28.00/pax, INCLUDES materials.Limited seats only. Email bicsie@gmail.com to register now! :)

Decoupage is the art of decorating an object using paper cut-outs, giving an appearance of depth and makes the pictures look as though they are painted on the object. Decoupage is a fun and easy way to decorate any object from small vases to large furniture. Best of all, decoupage can be learnt quickly in just a few steps.

In this workshop, participants will learn how to decorate tile coasters using decoupage, which make lovely handmade gifts for any occasion! 

Course Fees: S$48.00/pax, INCLUDES materials.
Limited seats only. Email bicsie@gmail.com to register now! :)