KBCC #04 - PomPom Party

Time really flies... We just had our 4th KBCC @Hougang Central Hub. Found out I'm not the only one who find this part of our sunny island totally alien :P

Disappointed that we only had 1/2 strength since 2 members were not feeling well & others were caught up at work. :( Nevertheless, the rest of us still had loads of fun! 

First of all, we had a "secret mission" for KBCC members to be journalists of the day & we'll be sharing about the Singapore Arts Street @Hougang Central Hub during our KBCC #05 - Swop in July. here's a peek at some exciting treasures our KBCC roving photographers had found!
PomPom Party was so fun! Everyone lets his/her own imagination run wild & created all sorts of things with the pompoms! Check out Richard's rambutans, Peng Cheng's hair-tie, EeWei's porcupine, Shireen's mini bic, Laura's bag charm, Rita's baby blue poms... Haha... it was such a laugh seeing this fluffy creations bouncing off our tiny table! :D

Meet Funky Knitter - Yumin

"Knitting class couldn't be easier with a fun-loving teacher like Betsy!! (: The nature of such craft really trains one's patience, concentration (nvr miss a stitch!) and eyesight. But the relaxing atmosphere of the studio and the small chit-chats we gals have with Betsy just makes it all the more enjoyable. TO BETSY: THANKS FOR BEING SUCH A WONDERFUL, PATIENT, FUNNY, SWEET-NATURED TEACHER!!! I'm already addicted to making scarves. Ha I even used it to calm myself down before my driving test, for real! (: one day when I'm back from the states, I'll learn crocheting from you! KEEP IN TOUCH, K?! LOVE YOU LOADS!! (:"
- Yumin, 26th June 2008

Singapore Arts Street @Hougang Central Hub

It was another hot & busy weekend for Knotty Bicsie on 21st & 22nd June. Our workshop table was packed with family, kids, & all those young at hearts! It was amazing watching those eyes literally lit up when they see how these fluffy pompoms magically appear before their eyes!
Kids @Kids Performing are fabulous! They put up a real funky & energetic performance! Way to go, kids! & of course, they drop by after their show to make their own little pompom friends too :)
There were many activities perfect for a family outing. Check out the VERY young vendors just beside us. Even my little cousin, GuanRu, couldn't resist joining in the fun with finger printing & painting. :)
There was also a on-the-spot painting competition. I was shy to participate, but I did my little piece with my little neighbours :) Not bad ya? ;D
Dad follows my blog & we realized we NEVER have a picture of him with or at Knotty Bicsie at all! Finally! Here's the 1st with Edward! Say cheese, Daddy!
Liling made my day by delivering my customized Knotty Bicsie shoes! I was sooo... thrilled when I got my new shoes! They were PERFECT! Thanx a million, Liling! ;D

We will be at Hougang Central Hub again this weekend (28th & 29th June, Sat & Sun) from 11am-6pm. Do come by & say hi! KBCC (Knotty Bicsie Crafting Club) will be meeting there too on Sat 2-5pm. Cya! ;)

Customized Booties for WanRu

Thanx for loving our booties, WanRu!

Some New Funky Knitters

Been procrastinating this for too long... here's a glimpse at a few Funky Knitters @Knotty Bicsie Crafting Studio. Who says knitting is for old grannies in rocking chairs??? Check out these young & trendy fashion wear our Funky Knitters has come up with!
Robert, my very 1st male student. I'm really proud of him! Guess what? He completed this beautiful scarf in just 2weeks!
Then Robert introduced his friend, Sanny, who later brought 2 other friends, Fiona & Evantia, along. They fall in love with knitting & will be back for more after they their exam in August!
Yumin & YingChern visited my stall @MAAD, fell madly in love with my creations & signed up for classes with me immediately! Then Lisha joined in as well. Determined to beat Robert in completing their scarf within 2weeks, Lisha did it in 3weeks, while Yumin did it in less than 4! YingChern, we are waiting for you... :D
(ps: Yumin & YingChern, sorry about this strange blue hue to your photos. Must be my blue window :P)

These enthusaistic funky knitters really make my day. They make knitting & crafting even more fun. 

Funky Knitters, thank you for adding so much passion & laughters into Knotty Bicsie Crafting Studio!

Young's Surprise Birthday Party

Happy Birthday, Young!
Hope "Serenity" adds soothing colours to your lovely home.
Laz, LOVE the HUGE Elephant Ears you got for your wife! It was so.... HUGE! :D

A Hot & Humid Weekend @Clarke Quay with Singapore Arts Street

It was definitely a hot, Hot, HOT weekend! We were at Clarke Quay Central from 11am-8pm on Sat & 11am-6pm on Sun. It was tough, but fun. Lotsa chatting, lotsa laughters, & definitely lotsa PERSPIRATION! :P
Check out this Magic Mushroom Ayako has ordered from me. Truly Something Magickal!
2 young talents sat beside me last weekend. Love the shoes! Asked Ling to customize a special pair of Knotty Bicsie Shoes for me. Can't wait to see my new "work shoes"!
Been awhile since I see the RingMaster, Ian's work in action at bazaar. These are his early works, which he's done during his school days. Aren't they cool?
Lynn, who loves crafting, tried her hands with polymer clay. Very intricate wo
rkmanship with Mathilda. Pretty!

On Sunday after we "sweat-it-out" @Clarke quay, rushed to a very good friend's surprise birthday, which her hubby had arranged. Gave a special FreeForm piece as birthdya present. Will post the picture up after she email to me :)

Happy Birthday, Young!

Proud Sponsor for Booties for My Footie Contest!

Knotty Bicsie is the proud sponsor for "Booties for My Footie Contest" organized by Junior&U, June issue. Pick up a copy of Junior&U today & who knows? You might be one of the 10 lucky winners of this very cheerful & colourful contest!

KBCC #03 - Food Art

KBCC went to Botanical Garden yesterday. Yes, it was a wet wet WET day... :( However, I must say KBCC is very blessed with a bunch of extremely enthusiastic supportors! With our passion in craft, we went ahead with whatever we could. We refused to let the sulky rain dampen our spirits. In fact, we had quite an adventure salvaging our yummy craftwork in the rain!
What a scene we made when we readily flash out our colourful brollies to stubbornly complete our Food Art! It was so hilarious a few of us just decided to whip out our cameras to capture this candid moment! haha... o boy, I bet this is one picnic all of us will remember for a long time!
Wow! Look at KBCC Crafters' beautiful work of art! & it's yummy too! ;)
Special Note to All KBCC Crafters who braved the rain with me yesterday...
Really appreciate u all for being such great sports! You were all so encouraging & this really motivates me to wanna keep doing a better job each month! Honestly, when I 1st started KBCC, I had no idea at all how far it'll go... But now, after 3 months of exciting crafting adventure, I must say I'm truly moved & motivated by the passion & enthusiasm shown by KBCC Crafters! KBCC, THANK YOU! Let's make crafting a modern way of life for everyone!

Some Special Orders & New Packaging

There have been a few customized orders lately, really adorable! :)
Look! These 2 are specially customized for Tpah. Really glad she loves them! I'm sure they'll look fantastic on her Little Princess :)
Smurf is flying off to UK. Just in time to keep those little feet warm :)
Improving from some Knotty Fans' wonderful feedback, check out our new packaging for Registered Mail. Edward likes it, I love it, I sure hope Knotty Fans are pleased to receive it too! :)