Knotty Bicsie's 2nd Birthday Celebration @MAAD This Weekend!!!

Come join us for a weekend of fun & party! There'll be items on sale & *hopefully* some new products (still rushing :P)! Seats are filling up for our Funky Knit Workshop. Sign up TODAY to avoid disappointment! :) Email:

4th & 5th Oct (Sat & Sun)
@MAAD (red dot design museum)

Catching Up with Work

I know I haven't been updating my blog this week plus. Been trying to get back into momentum after my fabulous trip to Hokkaido & Tokyo with hubby :P Plus, after the Sunday Lifestyle article released on 7th Sep, there's been lotsa email enquiries & orders coming in even while I'm away... Not complaining, but very grateful. Just wish I have more hours a day & more energy in myself, if only I'm Duracell Bunny or the "Never-Say-Die" Energizer! :P

Last week proved to be quite constructive actually. Besides my usual workshops, I've cleared some orders as well. One VERY BUSY Funky Knitter who often "missed" her classes finally completed her scarf after almost 6weeks! Yay! Congratulations, Xuanhong! 
In response to the Sunday Lifestyle article, I also managed to get a few new students, including a British lady, Anne,  who came for a special Q&A session, customized for her to help complete a few baby booties she's knitting for her grandchild. How lovely! :)

There're really MANY BABIES coming to this world lately! Check out some customized orders, which I've just mailed out last week!
Well, now I'm busy preparing for this Saturday's KBCC, during which we'll be exploring simple print-making with found objects & potatoes! I'm sure it'll be fun! I'm so lookingforward to it! Dear KBCC Crafters, see ya soon! ;D

We Are TWO!!!

How time flies! Knotty Bicsie is celebrating our 2nd Birthday in 3weeks' time!!! To celebrate Knotty Bicsie's Anniversary, we have a series of popular activities lined up for all!
A) Introductory to Funky Knit Workshop (mobile phone pouch)
Date: 4th Oct 2008 (Sat)
Venue: MAAD (red dot design museum: 28 Maxwell Road)
Available Time Slots: 11am-1pm, 2-4pm, or 5-7pm
Registration: S$20.00/person, materials INCLUDED

B) PomPom Party (kids above 8 years old are welcome!)
Date: 5th Oct 2008 (Sun)
Venue: MAAD (red dot design museum: 28 Maxwell Road)
Available Time Slots: 11am-12noon, 1-2pm, 3-4pm, or 5-6pm
Registration: S$10.00/person, materials INCLUDED

C) "I'm the BIGGEST Knotty Fan!" Contest
Take a beautiful picture of yourself with any Knotty Bicsie product (including your workshop sessions with Betsy), add a little creative caption to show what a HUGE Knotty Fan you are, & email to by 31st October 2008 (Fri), Singapore Time 2359hr.
1st - Funky Knit Workshop (1 Scarf), worth S$180.00
2nd - Beginner Special (Funky Knit or Crochet Craze) 1 hp pouch, worth S$75.00
3rd - S$50.00 Voucher, redeemable at any online purchase or workshop registration
Terms & Conditions:
- Image with caption must be submitted in JPEG format in a resolution of 150dpi.
- All email entries must include participant's FULL NAME, CONTACT NUMBER, EMAIL ADDRESS, MAILING ADDRESS & a 50-100WORD Birthday Wish for Knotty Bicsie.
- Closing Date: 31st October 2008 (Fri), Singapore Time 2359hr.
- Winners will be announced on & by 3rd November 2008 (Mon).
- All entries will be property of Knotty Bicsie, & Knotty Bicsie reserves the right to use all submitted images & comments in any Knotty Bicsie publicity materials.
- Knotty Bicsie's decision is final.
- Knotty Bicsie reserves the right to make any changes to all details stated here without any prior notification.

"Mo Gu"

Managed to rush out this little gal for Amy before my trip. Isn't she adorable??? I almost can't bear to part with her!

O, I'm going Japan again!!! This time going with my hubby, mainly for leisure la. Going to Hokkaido 1st, then stopping over at Tokyo for another 3 days. Besides Disneyland, Kiddy Land, Kinokuniya & shopping, DEFINITELY going back to those knitting shops that were closed the last time! Yay...!!! This is so... exciting! We're leaving tmr nite (4Sep) & will be back on 12Sep (Fri)

For general enquiries & orders, pls email me at & I'll get back to you asap after I come back to town. For any urgent matters/orders, pls email & we'll try  to get back to you asap.

O, GOOD NEWS!!! Do look out for this Sunday's Straits Time Life! Knotty Bicsie is being featured in an article on craft business! Yay..! Iya, but seems like all of you gonna get the 1st hand look at the article way before me, since I'll be in Hokkaido then :P

Okie doo... Funky Knitters & Crochet Craze, remember to keep those fingers wriggling & keep knitting/crochet while I'm away! ;P Happy crafting, Everyone!!! :D

KBCC #06 - Handmade Paper Journal

It's the time of the month again! KBCC had yet another very fun afternoon @Pauseability last Saturday! This time, Teacher EeWei taught us how to make handmade paper journal. It felt like cooking lesson at some point! haha... we all had fun :D
See how Teacher EeWei is sternly checking on everyone, making sure we are using our toothbrush properly? Nobody dared to mess around. Everyone was diligently brushing our paper in full concentration...
Next, we had an extremely therapeutic paper-tearing session. Ivan was violently & aggressively shredding the paper to ventilate, while Jullie was almost into meditation mode! :P Check out how Rita dressed to match our colourful scrap paper! :P
After cutting up the ingredients, Teacher EeWei showed us how to mesh them all up with a blender to make into paper pulp. Cooking time! We all got a little weary when we saw smoke coming out of the blender after awhile! Luckily Engineer Jullie was there to rectify the problem! Otherwise we'll all be poisoned by the rubber burning smell & the smoke from the burning incense paper outside Moses' shop! :P
Finally, our "Soup of the Day"! hehe....

Next, we learnt how to sift for gold to make our pretty handmade paper. Everyone had a shot, except baby Isabelle, our Little Princess @KBCC, who was obviously shocked by the look of our chocolate fondue! haha... :D
Now it's time to leave out our paper pulp to dry, while we work on our journal with some ready made paper Teacher EeWei had prepared in advance. Everyone was working intensely on our own journal. We can't wait to have our very own journal made...
Yay...!!!! Finally!!! Check out the fruits of our labour! Aren't they all amazing? Cool, ya? Everyone agreed that we probably won't buy any notebook ever again after last Saturday! Coz it's so easy to make & we can even decorate it just the way we like it! Wow!
Thank you so much, Teacher EeWei!

ps: Here's wishing all teachers in the world a very happy Happy Teachers' Day! :D