Size Does Matter!

AiClay - a mini yummilicious wonderland. Founder, Jocelyn, like Leatherprince & myself, is also a full-time crafter.  I do not (I prefer to say I have not yet) know her personally. So nope, I did not get to know her from MAAD, but instead, I found her on Singapore Etsy Group.

Even though I do not know Jocelyn personally, her warm & bubbly personalities literally radiate through the few email exchanges I had with her. Just go to her website now & you'll know what I mean :P Warning though: if u are a food lover, have an interest in Ball-Joint-Dolls, love admiring beautiful photographs, be warned that u'll be "stuck" in AiClay Wonderland for a looong time! :P

Jocelyn admits that she's a food lover too, leading her to start hand-sculpting these amazingly realistic looking miniatures. Interestingly, her unusual career also makes her more sensitive to the colours & textures of food. So next time if u catch a weird lady staring intensely at her food & stopping in between her bites to study her food, well, chances are u might have just ran into the crafty hands behind AiClay! :)

Jocelyn also shared her "crazy" dream with me... She dreams of opening up a miniature museum, whereby visitors will be required to literally crawl in with a magnifying glass to explore her masterpieces! Haha... what a quirky idea indeed! Reminds me of Hayao Miyazaki's Ghibli Museum in Tokyo! Definitely top on the "Must Visit List" for my little Edda! & Jocelyn, I mean your miniature museum too! Don't keep us waiting for too long though... hehe... :D

Just like myself, a good degree holder, Jocelyn also gave up her "stable" job in search of her little wonderland. It's a tough route, but definitely a joyous & fulfilling one too :) Jocelyn, hang in there, put your head up! When asked the "million dollar question" (as u put it), proudly announce that your are a crafty entrepreneur who makes a living by making beautiful miniatures that can brighten up anybody's day! ;)

A Fairy-Tale in our Crafting Land

Working full-time as a crafter can get rather lonely sometimes. Simply coz u don't have colleagues to gossips with, nor bosses whom we can b***h about?! hehe... so i should say I'm so lucky to have started my crafting journey @MAAD, where I met many like-minders who have become great friends :) SO I'm gonna take this opportunity to introduce these amazingly talented friends of mine here, one at a time, over the next few weeks, in celebration of Knotty Bicsie's 5th Birthday :)

Leatherprince - a hubby-wifey-team... Every couple's dream, or at least I'm speaking for Dar & myself la... We are so envious! :P When Beon & Candy 1st came to MAAD, I thought Beon looked real familiar, & I found out that he actually appeared on TV before as the few young cobblers left in Singapore! Isn't this guy simply brilliant??? To have successfully made a traditional craft/skill into such a trendy trade! Coupled with Candy's illustration background, nothing's gonna stop Leatherprince! What a perfect match! :)

I got this leather notebook for Edward a few years back, from another fellow MAADster, Colleen, which I later asked Beon to customize this Transformer Logo onto it. Look at the details! & Leatherprince actually apologized for the "bad finishings" due to the small size of the logo & nature of leather craft!? Dear Beon & Candy, are u kidding?? Itx looking FANTASTIC! Dar & I were so thrilled when we saw the finished work! Thanx a million, Leatherprince! ;)

Leatherprince has since shifted their focus onto their online shop & has made truly made Singaporean Crafters very proud in becoming one of the top sellers among strong international competition in a very short period of time. Our crafty Prince & Princess have also shifted to Taiwan (Princess' hometown) a few years ago. Still never stop making me smile with their amazing work of heart whenever I "stalk" them on facebook :P O, & I'm loving their studio too! hehe... Check out these cuties!!! :D Did they make u smile? They sure did make me day :)

To My Dear Friends, Beon & Candy, promise u'll keep playing with those leathers & never stop surprising us with your amazing creations, yah? ;) I'm sure The Leatherprince Story is gonna be just like in the fairy-tales... & they live happily ever after... :)

[Coming up next week: A sweet lady who made it big with miniatures...]

We Are FIVE!!!

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