Some Changes to Knotty Policies

Dear Knotty Fans,

Due to the tight schedules @Knotty Bicsie, kindly note the following 2 changes to our policies with immediate effect:

1) Pls allow at least 4weeks (from date of order confirmation) for ALL customized orders. In addition, due to fully booked workshop sessions in October 2011, there will be no delivery of order this October.

2) All project-based packages are valid for 6months from the 1st session, after which, there will be a charge of S$20/session. This is just a deterrent for inconsistent learners from "hogging" on to popular time slots, since our sessions are cosy with a maximum of 4students each time only. I know this will not affect most of u, since almost everyone completes your project in way less than 6months :)

Apologies for any inconvenience caused, & thank you for your kind understanding! :)

Yours Sincerely,
Betsy :)

Special Deal Feature on Groupon

Knotty Bicsie is offering very very special promotional deal on! 
Funky Knit Beginner Special for only S$35.00 (usual price: S$80.00), INCLUDES all materials.
You can purchase Groupon deal from today (Friday, 26th August) from 12noon onwards!

Yours Sincerely Making Some Noise

Hello, my friends! I hope this post finds everyone well & happy. & I sure hope my dear knotty fans are still following my blog even though I seems missing in action on this blog for a long while :( Sorry! Occasionally I will receive email, SMS, comments on my fb from u wonderful friends out there. This really brightens my day & warms my heart! Thank u! Rest assure that Knotty Bicsie will keep knitting & crocheting, & will always continue to spread these addictive hobbies! ;)

No blog post doesn't mean baby Edda has taken away all my time (even though I'm really quite occupied by my active little munchkin :P). Our crafting workshop is still busy & crowded as usual, especially on Fridays & Saturdays. There's also been quite a handful of customized orders...Interestingly, at one point some weeks ago, I had so many scarf orders, I had to activate my 2 wonderful knotty elves (my mum & funky-knitter-turn-crochet-craze Irene) to help out! We were wriggling our fingers into the nights like scarf factory! :P

Then there's the usual booties orders. Here's a few of the many uniquely handmade with love ;)

There's also been a few customized wedding dolls orders. I really need help in our little cottage studio all the time, so I decided to "groom" our very own crafty Irene to be my assistant. She started off unsure of her skills & workmanship, but time & again she impresses me with her meticulous attention to details & intricate finishings. More importantly, Knotty Fans' faces lit up with joy when they finally receive her fabulous work of heart! ;) Well done, Irene! These are 2 of her masterpieces. U'll see more of her creations I'm sure ;)

Finally, one rather embarrassing (at least to me) incident happened last week. 1 funky knitter asked me during our workshop what programs I have lined up for Knotty Bicsie's Anniversary this year & she's really looking forward to it. I feel very ashamed & paiseh when I had to admit that I haven't had any concrete plan yet :( but definitely there'll be promotions la :) I know I have to plan something interesting & prepare some real good deals. I cannot disappoint you, my dear supportive fans! So stay tuned. Look out for updates on our anniversary programs & promotions here next Friday on Teacher's Day! ;)

Till then, keep crafting! ;)