Edda @8mth, by 31Images

Time really flies... our little angel is already 8.5mth old! We had a most enjoyable session with a very talented & charismatic photographer, Sweng, some 3weeks ago. Little Edda, like most of u know, does not have "stranger anxiety", but she doesn't really smile at strangers much, even though she's actually very cheeky & playful with Papa & Mama :P Sweng is so good at what he does & is able to capture many cheeky smiles of our naughty angel ;) Thanx a million, Sweng! :D

Special Announcement!!!
Well, actually I have two $50-vouchers to 31Images' wonderful family portrait services that I'd like to share with my dear Knotty Fans here! ;) Simply spend S$50.00 (on product, supply &/or workshops) in a single receipt by 30th April 2011 to stand a chance to be 1 of the 2 lucky winners. Results will be published here on our blog & also our official website. Winners will also be notified personally.

Understanding Our Work of Heart

Came across this very cool animation from my good friend, Jullie's, blog. Share with you here so those who don't knit/crochet have a better understanding of what goes on "behind the scene" & the effort we crafters put in :) Usually take me at least 3-5hrs (non-stop) to make 1 amigurumi, sometimes even longer for those complicated ones. Hmm... so it must've taken this animator at least a few days to make this! BRAVO! Enjoy! ;)