A Dream Come True - Best Birthday Gift Ever!

A few years ago on my birthday, I set a goal to achieve something BIG by my 35th birthday - publishing an illustration book about a little girl who picks up knitting from a happy knitting elephant perhaps?
Well, on my 36th Birthday last year, not having a permanent space to continue with Knotty Bicsie, I was struggling to look for a direction for Knotty Bicsie. Not even anywhere close to the goal I set 5 years ago! "Fortunately" I was so busy picking up my pieces, I must say I don't remember feeling any disappointment nor sadness at all, for not being able to achieve my goal? Oops! :P

Another year has zoomed past, my 37th Birthday is approaching this Sunday. I'm proud to announce that I finally achieved something BIG! No illustration book YET, but I'm now a proud owner of Knotty Bicsie Knitting Cafe!!! And our official opening is of course this Sunday, 11Jan2015, on my Birthday! :D I am 2 years late, but better late then never right?? heehee... :P

Although a small shop, it really feels like a dream come true. Better yet, it feels like a 2nd home to my family & I. And so my NEW resolution, definitely aspire to be able to spend more time with my family, be it at our 2nd home, or anywhere around the world... AND to groom our 2nd home into a sustainable family "playground" for me & my 2 Dar-dars ;)
Here's a toast to everyone chasing your dream, may all your dreams come true like mine! May all sour dream manifest into something even more magnificent & magical!

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