Exploring Amigurumi with New Friend, Jullie

I've recently got to know a new friend through online networking :P Her name is Jullie. She's so bubble & friendly, we literally talk non-stop even during our 1st meet-up to visit many other LYS (Local Yarn Shops) hidden in various corners of our sunny island. :)

Since we "clique" so well, I decided to invite her to join me at MAAD to see if MAAD can work for her. Her Hubby, Alan took a day off to drive her to MAAD to show her his support. So sweet... Honestly, craft sellers like us can get quite lonely working on our own sometimes & really need lotsa assurance & support from our love ones. i must say I'm very blessed with Edward's unconditional love & support so far for Knotty Bicsie to have come so far... Thank you, Dar! :)

Well, Jullie managed to sell 2 of her Amigurumi (hand-crochet stuffed toys) & is really motivated! So She's gonna take a table of her own at next MAAD! & Guess what? Her Dad gonna be here too! How exciting! :)

Jullie, Happy crocheting ur new Amigurumi & all the best for May MAAD! Wang Wang! :)

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