Another Introductory Funky Knit @MAAD

Yesterday 4 newbie joined our Funky Knit Journey. Read about their 1st knitting experience below...
"Dear Betsy, knitting really need 2 hands & brain to work together... this is tough... however, I'm glad & happy because your patient guidance throughout the workshop had helped me complete my hp pouch. I love it!! Thanks!" - Han, 5th July 2009

"Dear Betsy, thanks for your warm welcome! I really enjoyed it a lot! Thanks for your guidance, I love my handphone pouch! & I want to learn more!!! Cya!" - Iris, 5th July 2009

"Why everyone starts with 'Dear Betsy'? Anyway... Dear Betsy, I didn't expect knitting to be easy to learn. This way of learning is definitely better than YouTube & books. Simply because they cannot 'undo' mistakes, but you can! I won't mind learning a little more about knitting. Now, I'm feeling inspired to make big things with this simple technique you taught me!" - ShuaiXun, 5th July 2009
"Hello! eh... knitting is much easier than crochet lor! ... Thank you for teaching me!" - Peiling, 5th July 2009

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