Hand-Stitched Journal Workshop @Civil Service College

I had a fun time with 5 lovely ladies @Civil Service College yesterday morning. They are put in-charged of coaching their colleagues in making something using primarily recycled materials. So my job there was to teach them how to conduct this workshop to all their 50-60 other colleagues :) They were all very sporting & fun-loving. We all had an enjoyable morning...
The very talented Sueann even whipped up a poem especially for me within minutes!
"Betsy's very nice
She taught me a new vice
Measuring, cutting,
Threading, wearing,
With a smile on a face
And a patient grace.
Thanks again, Betsy,
from Knotty Bicsie!"
- Sueann, 21st Jan 2010.

"It's been a fun & interesting session... learning how to put together things we tend to just throw! TQ, Betsy..." - Lynette, 21st Jan 2010.

"Dear Betsy, this is a day I travel back in time some years back to my Home Econs Class. The session has been fun!" - Pauline Ma, 21st Jan 2010.

"Betsy, thank you for the interesting handicraft session. It's fun to make and easy to do." - Pauline Teo, 21st Jan 2010.

"Dear Betsy, thanks for the fun & enriching session. I really enjoyed it!" - Ellen, 21st Jan 2010.

Special thanks to Ellen, who's patiently made all the necessary arrangement, for this fruitful workshop!
Ladies, here's wishing u a successful IPAM day on 19th Feb! All the best! :)

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