KBCC #21 - Pocket Tissue Cover

Last Sat, as usual, KBCC met up again to craft. This time round, we did some sewing & made a pocket tissue cover, which we all jokingly claimed that it'll now be our beautiful "tool" to "chop" tables @hawker centres with, with much pride! hehe... :P
Some of us chose to hand-sew, while others happily try our hands at my new sewing machine, which has proven to be very user friendly, even for beginners :) With sewing, of course we also did some ironing. We all had fun!
Check out our masterpieces! ;)

Our dear friend, Ee Wei, once again did her very own KBCC Craft & mail over to us, all the way from Canada. Now Jasper is the proud owner of Ee Wei's "made-with-love". Ee Wei, I've just mailed out Jasper's "made-with-love" out to you yesterday afternoon. So look out for a little surprise in your mailbox ;)
KBCC never goes without yummy food as reward after an afternoon of hardwork :P This time we had sedap lontong :) Despite the heat, everyone went for 2nd, some even 3rd helping, coz it's simply SEDAP! :)
As for dessert, we had chocolate cake in celebration of the February Babies' birthday. Shireen, Ellen & Jasper, here's wishing u once again a happy birthday & may all your wishes come true! :)
Special thanks to our wonderful friend, Suzanne of PeriwinkleSu, who has so generously shared her skills & craft. We love the fabrics u've chosen for us. They are all so pretty! Since this session is so well-received, Suzanne & I have decided to include this project into Knotty Bicsie's list of workshops officially! Details of our very 1st session is as follows...
Pocket Tissue Cover
Date: 20th March 2010 (Sat)
Time: 2-5pm
Limited seats available only.
So email Betsy (bicsie@gmail.com) to reserve a place now. :)


Jo said...

Hi Betsy,

I wrote to your email but have yet to hear from you... so am wondering if my mail went to the spam folder (which happens quite a bit). :P


I chanced upon your site after being referred to Suzanne's blog. I'm currently a stay-home mum to a 2.5 year boy. I have an etsy shop and spend all my free time (how ever little...) on crafting. I mainly do rubber stamp carving for my shop. I love quilling and crochet too! Actually, anything handmade gets my hands itchy (with the exception of jewellery making cos I don't wear them... ;P)

It's just very exciting for me to find that there is a crafting studio in Singapore heartland. I would love to join either a crochet class or to conduct a course on stamp carving, if you are interested. :)

Here are the links to:

My Etsy Shop - http://www.lovesprouts.etsy.com

My Flickr Album - http://www.flickr.com/photos/lovesprouts/

Have a lovely day and a very happy Chinese New Year!

Looking forward to your reply,

Knotty Bicsie said...

Hey Jo,

Actually I've already replied to your mail, twice even! Maybe my email ends in your Junk Mail instead??? :P

Will forward you the emails once again. or u can reach me at bicsie@gmail.com :)

Happy crafting! :)