Another Customized Baby Cape

Christine loves the cape I've made for Princess Chloe & has requested for a similar one for her bb Carabelle. Finally delivered this last order & I can now officially declare commencement of my maternity leave till sometime in September 2010 :)

"Hi Betsy! I have received the Cape with thanks. =) The effect turns out better than what i have expected.. Hahaha Now I have Little Yellow Riding Hood in my hse!
On behalf of little Carabelle: Thank you, Auntie Betsy! Muackz Muackz!
Wish you a smooth delivery and welcome to motherhood!"
- Christine, 23rd June 2010 (sent via email)

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Knotty Bicsie said...

"Hi Betsy
Woo... the cape looks nice in yellow too :)
Congrats and take good care ya. Enjoy cuddle time with your little one :)
Best Regards
Verlin" (sent via email)

Yup, it sure looks pretty too! Thanx, Verlin! :) - Betsy