As promised, to celebrate Knotty Bicsie's 4th Birthday, our Knotty Baby Booties are on sale!!! Up to 40% discount! Every pair is unique, 1st come 1st serve only. So hurry & start shopping now!!! To order, simply email with your name, contact number, mailing address & the name of booties :)
ps: Price listed is EXcluding S$4.00(Singapore address)/ S$7.00(overseas address) shipping fees. Postage via registered mail only.



To order, simply email your name, contact number, mailing address & the name(s) of booties :)

If u really REALLY like something, but not the right size? Email to request for customization @S$22.00 (usual price: S$28-32.00). Shipping fees of S$4.o0(Singapore address)/ S$7.00(overseas address) applies.

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Sahithya said...

Hi! I am regular visitor to Singapore from India! I had seen the booties display in Clarke Quay once and you gave your card! :) Just wanted to know if you hold any day workshops? Would love to learn this before I leave to India on Sunday ( 29th May )! :)