Terrarium - My Mini Garden by Japonicas

Terrariums are miniature enclosed gardens, which are self-sustainable and need minimal care from the owner once it is properly set-up. No watering will be needed! They thrive well indoors and make ideal office-desk or dining-table decorations. Witness how the plants 'breathe' and grow in the ecosystem created by you! Participants will learn the essential tips on how to set-up a simple terrarium. All materials will be supplied, including tiny ornaments for participants to put in their newly created terrarium! Instructor, Mary, will guide you through in creating your very own unique mini garden to bring home with! :)

To register, pls email me your Full Name, Contact Number, & Name of Workshop you are signing up for. Email: bicsie@gmail.com

Closing Date: 5th Dec 2010


Tanya Boracay said...

I'm just curious, if this miniature garden is inside of bottle, it is have chance to live?

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Wei Wei said...

Hi, are you still having the workshop to create the mini garden? My friends n I, at least 3 of us, are interested. Btw, where is the venue of workshop?

Wei Wei