Understanding Our Work of Heart

Came across this very cool animation from my good friend, Jullie's, blog. Share with you here so those who don't knit/crochet have a better understanding of what goes on "behind the scene" & the effort we crafters put in :) Usually take me at least 3-5hrs (non-stop) to make 1 amigurumi, sometimes even longer for those complicated ones. Hmm... so it must've taken this animator at least a few days to make this! BRAVO! Enjoy! ;)

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Rachael said...

I loved watching this. I often try and get over to people who comment on my prices (of my knitted toys) that it takes many hours to knit them and then often longer still to sew them up; people who don't have the skills themselves don't have a true idea of how much work goes into each creation.