Some Knotty News...

Iyo, it's been unknowingly 2months since my last post!?!? O dear... I've been such a lazy blogger! Apologies to my dear Knotty Fans... Well, I must say though that I haven't really been lazy, but VERY BUSY instead... Most of all, as most of u must've guessed, I've been kept busy with my fast-growing baby Edda, who's 10months+ now... time flies indeed. Here's a latest picture I took of her just this morning. Yes yes yes, she's modeling a Knotty Bicsie Knitwear ;P

Well, there's been quite a few customized orders as well. Special thanks to my "new pair of hands", Irene, who's been helping me with some of the productions, while I get busy with workshops. To those few Knotty Fans whom I've turned down your orders, I'm truly very sorry! Thank u for your kind understanding. :) Gentle reminder to all Knotty Fans, pls contact me with your order request EARLY, giving me at least 2-4weeks production time (depending on complexity/quantity/size of orders) to avoid disappointment. All Knotty Productions are uniquely handmade with lotsa love & stringent QC you know :P

As for workshops, well, Knotty Bicsie Home Studio has been busy mostly from Thursdays-Saturdays only, due to some ongoing corporate workshops:
1) Weekly knitting sessions @Warren Golf & Country Club is very fun for me as well. These ladies are truly enthusiastic & diligent! :) 
2)The gals at Singapore Chinese Girls' School Art Club are in the process of completing their very own knitted vest! I'm really excited to see all their masterpieces! 41 vests!!! The biggest class for Knotty Bicsie so far... Special thanks to my 2 lovely assistants, WennYann & Chenyen. Couldn't have done it without you ladies! :)

That's all for now... typing this while my "Little Empress Dowager" is taking her afternoon nap... :P


Rachael said...

Beautiful baby and lovely, lovely work.

Knotty Bicsie said...

Thanx again, Rachael! :)