Yours Sincerely Making Some Noise

Hello, my friends! I hope this post finds everyone well & happy. & I sure hope my dear knotty fans are still following my blog even though I seems missing in action on this blog for a long while :( Sorry! Occasionally I will receive email, SMS, comments on my fb from u wonderful friends out there. This really brightens my day & warms my heart! Thank u! Rest assure that Knotty Bicsie will keep knitting & crocheting, & will always continue to spread these addictive hobbies! ;)

No blog post doesn't mean baby Edda has taken away all my time (even though I'm really quite occupied by my active little munchkin :P). Our crafting workshop is still busy & crowded as usual, especially on Fridays & Saturdays. There's also been quite a handful of customized orders...Interestingly, at one point some weeks ago, I had so many scarf orders, I had to activate my 2 wonderful knotty elves (my mum & funky-knitter-turn-crochet-craze Irene) to help out! We were wriggling our fingers into the nights like scarf factory! :P

Then there's the usual booties orders. Here's a few of the many uniquely handmade with love ;)

There's also been a few customized wedding dolls orders. I really need help in our little cottage studio all the time, so I decided to "groom" our very own crafty Irene to be my assistant. She started off unsure of her skills & workmanship, but time & again she impresses me with her meticulous attention to details & intricate finishings. More importantly, Knotty Fans' faces lit up with joy when they finally receive her fabulous work of heart! ;) Well done, Irene! These are 2 of her masterpieces. U'll see more of her creations I'm sure ;)

Finally, one rather embarrassing (at least to me) incident happened last week. 1 funky knitter asked me during our workshop what programs I have lined up for Knotty Bicsie's Anniversary this year & she's really looking forward to it. I feel very ashamed & paiseh when I had to admit that I haven't had any concrete plan yet :( but definitely there'll be promotions la :) I know I have to plan something interesting & prepare some real good deals. I cannot disappoint you, my dear supportive fans! So stay tuned. Look out for updates on our anniversary programs & promotions here next Friday on Teacher's Day! ;)

Till then, keep crafting! ;)

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