Voodoo Zoological Project

Some of u must've already seen these adorable little fellas on our Facebook Fan Page. Well, guess what? The pattern book is finally launching NEXT WEEK @Kinokuniya!!! :) Even better news: Knotty Bicsie is proud sponsor of 100 x $50-vouchers to help promote the book launch! Look out for the red sticker as shown below on the pattern book when purchasing the book :) The $50-voucher is redeemable when u sign up for a Crochet Craze (Amigurumi) Workshop.

Meet the 10 (out of 17) kawaii creatures that can be found in the pattern book:
Meet the handsome toucan
Meet the sleepy ladybug
Meet the sweet giraffe 
Meet the lion who loves busking in the sun
Meet the monkey who turns out to be afraid of height!? Yikes! 
Meet the koala who is in search of his mate (pun intended :P)
Meet the dusty bunny
Meet the handsome dragon
Meet the octopus who can't help feeling rather out of place  here :P
Meet the friendly dachshund
There are 7 other adorable patterns in the book. So go down to Kinokuniya next week & be the 1st 100 to grab our FREE $50-Voucher when u purchase the pattern book :)

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