Best Way to Celebrate our Knotty 6th Birthday!

"Happy Birthday to you,
  Happy Birthday to you.
  Happy Birthday to Knotty Bicsie,
  Happy Birthday to you!" :)

Every year on our Anniversary month, we are always VERY BUSY. This year is no exception. Besides our ongoing workshops & usual custom orders, we've been burning more midnight oil to prepare for our Knotty Handmade-A-Fair & also for our annual "pilgrimage" to participate in Hwa Chong Institute's Sabbatical Programs.
This year's Knotty Handmade-A-Fair was quite a bit of challenge for me. A chain of events kinda hit on me at the most untimely hours... First of all was our decision to withdraw our girl from her childcare because of numerous incidences that happened obviously due to teacher negligence. Hence I had to re-schedule all my classes to Sat, Sun & Mon, so I can homeschool Edda from Tues-Fri. This leaves me with the nights to prepare teaching resources & also to work on your orders. No doubt rewarding (both working on your wonderful orders & also homeschooling Edda), there is afterall a limit to what we can do. My body finally protest & I was down with bronchitis just 2days before Knotty Handmade-A-Fair!!! There cannot be any worse timing for this to happen, right?!?! :(
All thanks to our wonderful crafty friends, Knotty Elves & hubby, who were holding the fortress on our BIG DAY, Knotty Handmade-A-Fair was yet another HUGE success! Yippee...! :) View more photos of the day on our facebook fanpage . Thankfully, I was also blessed with a very quick recovery. In fact, I was feeling so much better by the actual day, I was able to mingle & chit-chat with our Knotty Fans :)

Immediately after Knotty Handmade-A-Fair, I was kept extremely busy preparing materials & resources for our workshops at Hwa Chong Institute (HCI). This year we offer 5 different workshops:

Funky Knit

Crochet Craze

Basic Shuttle Tatting

Rubber Stamp Carving

Miniature Basket of Bread

This is the first time we are offering Crochet Craze to such a big group of participants. I was conservative & cap the class size to a max of 12participants, & provided 2instructors for the workshop. Well, some of u might have noticed by now that it is not easy to find teacher willing to teach crochet; & for those of u who only just picked up crochet, or even tried teaching crochet, will know that crochet is not easy to pick up for most beginner. Lotsa personal attention needs to be given to be able to teach crochet properly. I'm proud to say that the "success rate" of our workshops so far (including Crochet Craze who are left-handed) has been a glorious 100%! Woohoo...! :D And our 1st big class of Crochet Craze was a hit too! This surely boost my confidence & I'm so gonna propose for a bigger class next year! :)

October is definitely Knotty Bicsie's favourite month of the year! Our Anniversary month is always so jam-packed with exciting activities, & we get to meet so many new Knotty Fans, plus all Knotty Elves & our crafty friends get to gather & catch up too! Truly grateful for all the love & support from all of you. These SIX years could not be possible without each & everyone of you. THANK YOU!!! Knotty Bicsie will continue to wriggle our fingers & bring you more fantastic Knotty stuffs! ;D

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