Knitting & Crocheting Away in Orchard!

HELLO Knotty Fans!  Whoa, can’t imagine how time files and it’s actually almost end of April now. 

It’s been almost 2 months since our little charming craft studio settled down in the heart of Singapore’s busy Orchard Road and YES… it’s really awesome over here. Come by and say Hello if you happen to be in town conducting your “retail therapy” ;) 
Did we not mention about the array of lovely yarns that we currently have in store, and I am sure you will be inspired and charmed away by all the beautiful shades.  Haha… did we just give you an excuse to get those knitting needles and crochet hooks clicking away happily again!

By the way, mark your calenders if you have not (we just did on ours), Mother’s Day is coming up soon! Whether you are a mom, daughter, granny or even son or daddy …… we all know, being a mom is the “World’s Toughest Job” hence don’t forget to give yourself or your mommies a little “ME time” to recharge.  Don’t we all agree that mommies are Superheroes, except that we don’t actually don a cape (maybe we should just knit ourselves a Wonder Woman’s cape) or fly through the sky on a rescue mission *wink*

Personally I feel that engaging in a hobby really sets aside time just for “ME”.  Enjoying a couple of hours off without being under my pile of overwhelming laundry or sweating it out in my kitchen whipping up a never ending banquet really is a breather and a great way to unwind!   
 Still cracking your head in search of the perfect gift for Mother's Day? Look no more, coz it's time to get Mom a NEW HOBBY in knitting & crochet! Wouldn’t it be nice to keep mom accompany and spend some special bonding moments together whilst learning something new and even making new friends. :)
Crafting is definitely a therapeutic hobby, something we all agree that is fun, easy and relaxing! (Look at how all our Knotty Fans over at the studio now nodding their heads ;P)  So if you are thinking of rekindling your love for knitting & crochet, or engaging in a new knitting or crochet hobby, you know where to find us now ;)
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Till our next post, Keep Calm and Knit On! :D

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agy said...

Hello there! We are looking for keen participants to join in our yarnbombing project at the Singapore Science Centre. We are making the huge dinosaur scarf, and will be meeting on the 24 May, 10am with our pre-made 4x4inch granny patches! Visit us at