Knit a Dream in June

In comes June and out goes May. In a flash, and half a year is almost gone!  If you happen to be one of our new Knotty Fans, or first time visiting our blog, here is a BIG shout out, “ WELCOME to Knotty Bicsie!” We are so glad that you found us ;)

A little trip down the memory lane... WOW!!! I still cannot believe that Knotty Bicsie had embarked on this wonderful adventure for almost seven and a half years!? And that makes us almost 2739 days old!

Armed with my hooks and needles and a bottle of magical potion that I proudly named “PASSION”, I made my dreams into a reality.  My little crafting studio has since taken off on an amazing journey.  Guess it is true - do what you LOVE and the rest will follow ;)

Crafting all these years along with Knotty Bicsie, it has been both a rewarding and humbling experience.  I have been very fortunate to meet lots of wonderful people (whom I now call friends), be it like-minded crafters and entrepreneurs, or our ever so supportive Knotty Fans.  Thank YOU for all the friendships, thank YOU for those endless encouragements and support all these years, and it had indeed opened up my life and inspired me in many ways.  I am full of gratitude for all these past years and I truly know Knotty Bicsie and this amazing journey happened because of YOU!

For the past 365 days, it has been more of a turbulent year full of challenging adventures.  In some ways “good” and in some ways “not so good.”  Sometimes it seems like changes are forced upon us and we have to think of new ways to handle these new beginnings.  At some point, the constant big waves & tsunami did give me a deep sense of unsettlement, causing me to doubt myself & wonder if I have indeed been knitting my sandcastle in air for too long already. All thanx to the "muscle man" of Knotty Bicsie, I am able to snap out of this downward spiral & re-aline our goals & dreams in running our little crafty cottage studio. Thank you, Dar! :)

And BOOM!  Right now, it seems like a "HAPPY problem” has emerged to push me yet again in search of a bigger studio space to accommodate our growing classes. Seems like an expansion is almost prematurely inevitable real soon!? 

This never-ending adventures have been filled with pleasant surprises, but mentally & emotionally tiring at the same time... Not complaining about this exciting life moving forward with big plans, but the biggest trade-off is not being able to spend more time with my lovely family, especially my little happy feet, Edda :(

As a motivated & driven person, getting a push now and again is not a bad thing at all. In fact, I am already knitting up a BIG dream in this new chapter. With all these exciting challenges, it has become clearer to me each day that I want to grow Knotty Bicsie into a family business.  Nothing too ambitious, just big enough to allow my beloved hubby and I to work together, and having Edda with us at our crafty little haven after school and mingling with all our wonderful Knotty Fans... I strongly believe this dream is NOT far away now. I am starting to visualize our crafty cove already :)

Till we move on to our next BIG dream, let’s just relax a little and do some knitting & crochet over an aromatic cuppa! ;)

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