July Rhapsody

Hello Knotty Fans! We hope July has been bright and sunny for everyone! Itx been a little crazier for me coz besides our growing ongoing classes, itx my little Edda's 4th Birthday this month! So glad I haven't "lost my edge", & managed to crochet this sweet blouse & her Frozen Snowflake Charm in time for her Frozen-themed party :D This lovely smile just made all the hard work absolutely worthwhile :)

To our new fans who had just joined us over at our crafting studio at Orchard Plaza, we are excited to have you with us on this crafty journey and we are definitely looking forward to sharing your knitting & crochet journey. 

We continue to be thrilled to see all the amazing creations our existing Knotty Fans have been crocheting & knitting up at our studio, and it always brightens up everyone’s day when we get to see their completed amazing “works-of-heart”.  And sometimes, when Knotty Fans send me photos of their completed “secret projects”, which they work independently at home, I can’t help but glee with joy & pride! Thank you for sharing your joy! :D

While you continue to wrap the yarn around your needles, let’s chat a bit about KNITTING.  Some of u asked me who invented knitting?

How interesting whenever we speak about knitting, a stereotyped image of an old granny clicking those needles away on a rocking chair appears in that little thinking cloud!  Oh no, there is no rocking chair over at Knotty Bicsie studio, or at least not now …… but who knows? :P

 Now, who says the men don't get it?? :P

Some hard facts according to Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_knitting), it was believed to have been originated from Middle East (Egypt) and the earliest evidence was related to a resemblance of knitted socks, even though there weren’t any concrete clues to knitting’s age.  While the craft of knitting transmitted across the globe, items like knitted cushions, stockings and garments etc. were among the knitted works produced. 

Now let’s fast forward to our modern world. Knitting continues to be a therapeutic hobby among people of all ages and genders all over the world.  Exciting & Interesting yarns, paired with cool patterns, techniques and stitches available today, we are constantly inspired to create our very own one-of-a-kind masterpieces!

ALL of you have assumed that knitting & crochet are my passion. Hence Knotty Bicsie was born. Truth is, my passion is actually in the process of creating & making things from scratch. I just happened to have discovered knitting & crochet some 8years ago, when my soul was starving to MAKE MAKE MAKE! And so, knitting & crochet became a therapeutic medium to satisfy that hunger & craving to just CREATE! Well, the rest, like what they always say, is history. J And this is why I always tell people that Knotty Bicsie is a “happy accident”! ;) Nonetheless, knitting and crochet has indeed given me huge sense of contentment, accomplishment, satisfaction & completeness!  Totally indulging in & grateful for this amazing journey…
Fingers itching already? Sounds too tempting? Let’s put on some music, make your favourite cuppa, sink into your favourite couch, and ENJOY some wonderful knitting and crochet today!  ;D

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