Knotty Bicsie is taking a break this March.
For orders & enquiries, please email Betsy at
Welcome to our cosy Cottage Factory!
Pretty gifts to pamper yourself with,
wonderful gift ideas for your love ones.
Ask for customization
& our elves will realize your dreams.
Visit our stall at MAAD @red dot design museum
along Maxwell Road
(nearest MRT Station: Tanjong Pagar;
red building diagonally behind Maxwell Food Centre)
on the FIRST WEEKEND of every month!


Anonymous said...

miss toh !! all your work are so nice !! your skills are simply just so good !! ((:

Knotty Bicsie said...

Thanx for your sweet compliments! Especially when you actually saw the real thing! :P But hey, please do leave your name, "Anonymous"! :)

Edward said...

Congrate! The wonderful works are finally out. These are the heart and soul works you and your mum has put up after all these weekends and hours esp after your busy schedule. I'm sure people will be even more impress when they see the actually piece. Please give them your support and be sure every single work put up is value for money.

Anonymous said...

it's simply coool...
keep it up! (Kat)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Your yeh-yeh is here! And great site it is. Got some suggestions for you liao. But better to speak to you in person lah. Hahaha..


Anonymous said...

Hi Peishi, Great stuff... I'll be sure to pop by for great gift ideas for friends. All the best!!! (Caihua)

Imsuyon said...

I nearly could not find your blog!! Anyway, great work and great effort! Great selling too!

Anonymous said...

Great Work! Great Effort! Great Selling! (Suyon)

purple lush said...

Dear Betsy,
Thanks for helping me do my orders leh..

Her stuffs always tempt you to buy something from her..

Becoz all of them is CUTE & USEFULlo..hahas..

Anonymous said...

I don understand ur products?It would be nice if proper information is given with proper digital photographs and what the product material & more information plz. For the new promotion on shoes, what are the sizes... is it a mass production?????

Knotty Bicsie said...

Hi there! Thank you for your feedback. Since you did not leave your name/email/contacts, I can only response to your queries here...
If you've read my intro, all my products are UNIQUELY, INDIVIDUALLY HANDMADE (knitted, crohet or other knot techniques). So far, only the X'mas socks last year was "mass produced", but even so, they are all hand-knitted by me, my mum & a friend. Everything else comes in 1-5pcs per design. As for baby booties, I take orders as well, so we generally produce more of a similar design.
Hence, NOTHING HERE IS MASS PRODUCED. They are ALL UNIQUELY HAND-MADE with CARE by my mum, myself & a close friend. :)

Fiona said...

Hey! It's nice to find your website. I really like the shoes you made for yourself, the ones I saw yesterday at MAAD. ;-) I'm aiming to save towards your knotty pair of shoes. :-)

Chew Choo said...

Hi Betsy! Finally managed to find your blog. Have been searching for it ever since I heard abt it from Siew Weng! I love looking at knotty things too! But wish i can be as talented as u and yr mum! Good work! Keep it up! Jiayoujiayoujiayou!!


§ªtHè ll0nG LOŞť gUrrĹª§ said...

hiie ms toh! miie frm pei hwa der.. eu may nortt rmb but nvm! ur products seem tuu bie doin fantastic wor!! eu quit being teacher cos of tis? 0.o

gina here.. take cares ms toh!
sheng yi xin long!

Ju said...

Hi! My girl has a pair of booties. When she wears them, people will compliment how nice they are.
I hope to be able to go down this weekend and grab a few more pairs for my 6-month-old and my friends' babies.
Do you take online orders? PharmaPlus carries your booties. It's near my workplace and I can check it out.
The booties are really pretty and they will make a sweet gift for my friends' babies. Plus they are all handmade.

Knotty Bicsie said...

Hi Ju! U really made my day! Thanx! It makes me really happy when my creations can put a smile on anyone's face :) Looking forward to seeing you this weekend @MAAD!
I do accept online orders via email: Alternatively, pls feel free to call me at 90263318.
Since your girl is already 6 month old, I reccomend that you let me know her foot length & request for customization.

marsha said...

whoa...i must seriously go there SOON! as in, the minute I touchdown back home in S'pore!!!

simplequirk said...

betsy!! sorry i cldn't make it :'( *blubbers* i really wanted to come (and show off what a failure i am at knitting LOLS) but we've to go on a study exchange. i might miss the next maad cos of scheduling, too! >.< tt's 3 in a row! argh

happy 1st bday!!! hope to see it going strong for a long time to come!!

[[`wingsze]] said...

Heys Ms Toh !
Sorry for my late birthday wishes .
Happy birthday to Knotty Bisie :D
SOrry that i didn't visit you recently . Have to juggle my work ): But i send my regards (:

Take care,
Wing Sze (: