NEW!!! Knitting & Crochet Classes

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Daisy Lam said...

Hello, Betsy,

Thanks for giving me a fruitful knitting classes for the past 6 weeks.

Oh! You made my dream came true! As a mother-to-be, I really dreamed to make some DIY items to my lovely baby. During this period, I met you in MAAD and then joined the lessons for knitting baby booties and cardigan.

You are a patient teacher; with your great encouragement, I made two pairs of booties, a cardigan, and a blanket. After the lessons, I made a beanie hat and a baby jumper. I really felt happy and proud of you and me.

Once again, saying "thank you"!

Congratulate your new website launchment, hope every success in the coming days.

Remember to WORK hard and PLAY hard! Always happy!

Love, Daisy