"Mo Gu"

Managed to rush out this little gal for Amy before my trip. Isn't she adorable??? I almost can't bear to part with her!

O, I'm going Japan again!!! This time going with my hubby, mainly for leisure la. Going to Hokkaido 1st, then stopping over at Tokyo for another 3 days. Besides Disneyland, Kiddy Land, Kinokuniya & shopping, DEFINITELY going back to those knitting shops that were closed the last time! Yay...!!! This is so... exciting! We're leaving tmr nite (4Sep) & will be back on 12Sep (Fri)

For general enquiries & orders, pls email me at bicsie@gmail.com & I'll get back to you asap after I come back to town. For any urgent matters/orders, pls email lina@knottybicsie.com.sg & we'll try  to get back to you asap.

O, GOOD NEWS!!! Do look out for this Sunday's Straits Time Life! Knotty Bicsie is being featured in an article on craft business! Yay..! Iya, but seems like all of you gonna get the 1st hand look at the article way before me, since I'll be in Hokkaido then :P

Okie doo... Funky Knitters & Crochet Craze, remember to keep those fingers wriggling & keep knitting/crochet while I'm away! ;P Happy crafting, Everyone!!! :D


Ren said...

I happen to chance upon your blog and love your work. I used to knit but not really good at it, but I really appreciate and admire the fine works of knitted/crochet items.

I am into papercraft and feel free to visit www.scrapadoo.blogspot.com.

Hope to get connected and support handmade stuff! Cheers!

Knotty Bicsie said...

Thanx, Ren! Your papercraft is beautiful! :)