Funky Knit @MAAD Last Weekend

8 new Funky Knitters joined in the charming knitting journey this time. If not for the loud jamming @MAAD, the sessions were much cozier this time, with 1-4 Funky Knitters in each session. 
The morning group was the luckiest, since the rockers had not arrived yet! :P We chit-chatted as we knit, it was really relaxing & fun :) Audrey apparently met me during my 1st MAAD session 2years ago! She's so in love with my bags & name card, she's been regularly checking out my blog ever since! Wow, what a loyal fan! This time she's here with her Mum, Helen, to learn to knit for the 1st time. Their classmate, Shian is a regular at MAAD. So will definitely be seeing one another around @MAAD again :)

"Really enjoyed the workshop! Big thanks to Betsy for your patience with a clumsy first-timer ;)" - Shian, 4th Oct 2008

"Thanks for your patience. The workshop was a good introductory experience to knitting for me & was quite enjoyable. Happy 2nd Anniversary to Knotty Bicsie!" - Audrey, 4th Oct 2008

Meijun was introduced by her friend, Liling, who attended our previous Funky Knit Workshop @MAAD. Tingbee was supposed to knit with Meijun, unfortunately she caught a very bad flu over the weekend & had to miss the session. :( Tingbee, hope you are feeling much better now.

"It was an enriching experience. Really enjoyed it. Betsy is a very patient teacher, able to troubleshoot any problems that I caused during the knitting process. Thanks Betsy for the 2+++hours of lesson." - Meijun, 4th Oct 2008

It's been a long long time since I last met up with Rayson. Rayson decided to "visit" my stall @MAAD to pick up knitting, & then we can go to a friend's house-warming in the evening together.

Knitting has been so stereotyped to be an activity done by OLD GRANNIES IN ROCKING CHAIRS, it can be so hilarious sometimes! I can't help but notice some Knotty Fans' surprise look when they 1st see me in person! iyo.... hehe.... Actually it is said that crochet & knitting were first started by MEN! In fact, soldiers during the 1st world war even knitted their own socks! See how my hubby, Edward, is now able to be my assistant instructor in knitting too? I'm so proud of him! :)
Edward also helped me coached Sherry & Huimin, who came in for the last session of the day. Sherry bought a amigurumi kit set & wanted to learn to crochet. But since we are only doing knitting, Sherry was game enough to bring a friend, Huimin, to learn to knit anyway. 
"It's tiring!! Haha... but quite fun too. Hope I won't forget the steps to knit. The teacher is a very nice & chatty lady. Thanks for helping (me to) knit coz my eyes were really tired :)" - Huimin, 4th Oct 2008

"Hi Betsy, Thanks for being patient & clear in your instructions :) I'm sure I'll be back for more lessons @your cozy (& quiet) place:)" - Sherry, 4th Oct 2008

On Sunday, Mandy brought her 13-year-old daughter, Megan, to MAAD & asked to learn to knit. Since I was free, I sat down with Megan to knit as well...

"Hey Betsy, at first I thought knitting was going to be confusing. But you guided me through & so I managed to complete my handphone pouch. Thanks!" - Megan, 5th Oct 2008

Yay.... Another tiring, but fun & fruitful weekend. I'm now busy preparing for my upcoming solo exhibition @The Arts House, 1-24 Nov...
...but first, still gotta prepare for our Knotty Tea Party this Sat! Many invited Knotty Fans will be coming. I'm sure it'll be fun! Look out for photos of our 2nd Anniversary Celebrations - Knotty Tea Party next week! Tata! :D

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