Knotty Bicsie is TWO!!!

Last Saturday (11th Oct), many wonderful Knotty Fans trod to our home studio @Admiralty Drive to celebrate Knotty Bicsie's 2nd Birthday. It was a fun-filled & joyous occasion! I hung our HUGE sign board at my door that day. (Shh.... Don't tell, coz it's illegal! :P) Well, just for that 3hrs la! hehe... This is the sign board we (Edward, Mum & me) had made for our very 1st bazaar @MAAD 2yrs ago! I carried this sign board with me everywhere I went during the 1st year, until I got my very own packaging customized by Pica Digital last year.
Check out some of our Knotty Fans' shoes parked around my shoe rack. Some Knotty Fans were late coz of the sudden & heavy, but short pour. The rain could not dampen our spirits though...
Many more Knotty Fans came along eventually, & it was a rare, busy & noisy scene at our otherwise cosy & idyllic crafting studio. :D I'm flattered & really happy that some Knotty Fans who came for the time fell in love with our studio at 1st sight!
Edward brilliantly set up a little kids corner to keep the little ones entertained, so the young-at-hearts can enjoy themselves at ease too. Edward & Ee Wei were our "Honorary Nanny" for the day. See how the kids were sooo... well-behaved in their hands! :D
Knotty Fans were also thrilled by how we've incorporated our product display into our home studio deco. This "Magic Mushroom Tree" is one of the hot favourite :) So everyone had a good shopping spree too :P
Dad bought a lovely cake, which brighten up our Knotty Tea Party even more! I took this opportunity to introduce some very important & diligent "elves" behind Knotty Bicsie: Mum, Dad, Edward, Lina, Jullie, Ee Wei, Adrian & all my dear Knotty Fans, Knotty Bicsie can never make it without your love & support. Thank you very much! :)
This is the first time Knotty Bicsie is celebrating our Anniversary @our home studio, & it is a HUGE success! I'm so looking forward to even more exciting events & anniversary celebrations in years to come. I sure hope everyone will still be with Knotty Bicsie, together with many more new Knotty Fans! Happy Birthday to Knotty Bicsie!!! Yay...!!!


kabluey said...

*grin* I love how all the cards you received that day had elephants on them.

Knotty Bicsie said...

haha... me too! U all know me so well! So sweet.... :) Thanx again!

Jullie Teo said...

Wah!! Time FLIES!!!

Knotty Bicsie said...

yup, it's been yet another fun-filled year... looking forward to moe exciting years to come... :)