Knotty Bicsie is Growing... What a Great Way to Start the Long Weekend!

I had a very fun Friday yesterday...
To start the day, Crochet Craze, Mimi, finally reached the assembly stage of her very 1st Amigurumi project. Can see she was very excited. When we were finally done, we were both very thrilled by how cute the little fella turns out! Kawaii ne!

"Hi! Betsy, thanks alot for agreeing to teach me desipte my deafness. Also appericate yr patience to write notes to explain during our crochet class. It is enjoyable to crochet, even though it was not easy at start! :P Yr blog 's very well written and lots of nice photos.. I wish I can blog like u but my grammer's not good. :( U might like to take a look at my website at I love to try every crafts which interests me greatly...also I enjoy creating with my hands..:) Have a blessed xmas in advance!" - Mimi, 6th Dec 2008

Then Jullie came over with her freshly baked apple crumble to catch up with Dewi, who's completed her 2nd pair of baby booties. Jullie's apple crumble is sooo.... yummy, we all got so distracted from our crochet session! We even went out for coffee later in the afternoon! haha...
Finally, the day I've been waiting for... Knotty Staff Training! As you know I've been trying to get part-time sales promoters, so here they are: Del, Sharis, Azree & Ee Wei. We had a ladies nite till almost 10pm! We started the session with a little knitting, which everyone agreed it to be extremely therapeutic, especially after a long day... Then of course, I showed the ladies how the stall is usually set up, we exchanged some ideas & these wonderful Knotty Staff sure gave me lotsa great suggestions & new ideas! O, we even had role-play for everyone to practice how to promote Knotty Bicsie! hehe... our staff training very pro, right?? Dun pray pray ar! lol.... :P
Del, Sharis, Azree & EeWei, thank you so much for the fun time we had last nite. Special thanks to EeWei, who's always so supportive & helpful! You're truly an amazing Knotty Fan! Let's make Knotty Bicsie SOLD OUT everyday at the fair! Yay! ;D

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