Meet Funky Knitter - Ava

Ava got to be the most hardworking Funky Knitter so far! She comes in for 4hrs every Sunday & still work on her own at home! Lucky boyfriend who gets to wear her "virgin project". Fits him perfectly! This pullover is knitted with 100% bamboo yarn, so it's good for Singapore too. Everyone's very happy, YAY!!! :D Boyfriend is too shy to show his face, hence this strange-looking photo. Haha... :D 
"Dear Betsy,
Learning from u so far has been fantastic. Although I have not had many lessons, u gave me a feeling that we are close friends who's lost touch and "found" each other again. haha...
A very patience tutor. Learnt alot from you. Alot of thanks.
Actually I don't know what else to say lei... Good lo... Thumbs up... Hehe.. Erm, in short, lots of thanks and keep up the good work.
If not for the shortage of yarn, I can really finish e sweater and give it to my boyfriend on Christmas. U really surprised me as i didn't think I can really do it in such a short time.
Thank you!" - Ava, 10th Feb 2009
Ava is now working on a new project. This time she's crocheting a pretty scarf for herself. Looking at her progress, I'm sure I'll be ready to show off her project here in 2weeks' time! Do look out for it! :)

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