Wonderful Evening FreeForming

On 5th Feb 2009 (Thu), Knotty Bicsie had a guest STAR at our studio. FreeForm Textile Artist & Teacher, Prudence Mapstone, happen to be in Singapore for 3 days & agreed to conduct an Introductory workshop for our Funky Knitters & Crochet Craze. When she 1st arrived at our studio, I can't wait, but immediately whipped out my "Never Too Many Handbags" & asked for Prudence's autograph!
We were so lucky to have the master of FreeForm come teach us the principles & some techniques in FreeForming. Prudence is a very sweet & patient teacher. Her warm & vibrant smile, and encouraging words, makes twitching our clumsy fingers at FreeForming so much easier! Even Ava, who picked up crochet only 5days ago managed to come up with something cool!
By the end of the workshop, we were all so surprised by the chaotic, yet almost harmonious creations from our hands!
Check out our work of art!
This is my little "scrumble", as Prudence call it :) Might develop it into my submission for the "Yolo - Keep the Dream Alive" Art Competition. I'm so looking forward to see how it will turn out :)
A happy group photo before we call it a day...

Dear Prudence, Thank you so much for so generously teaching your tricks & sharing your experiences with us. I know you had an early flight the next morning, I hop u did not get back to your hotel to late after we ended at almost 10.30pm! Will keep you posted on our Freeforming progress definitely. Till we meet again, happy freeforming! :)

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Prudence Mapstone said...

Hi Betsy, thank you so much for your hospitality; I had every bit as much fun as everyone, and I was thrilled at how quickly you all took to freeforming. I will be looking forward to seeing photos of everyone's progress.