Farewell, My Fabulous Crafty Friend!

Dear EeWei,
  Thank you so much for being such a loyal Knotty Fan & helpful friend! I'm so glad u found Knotty Bicsie & brought our little works-of-heart into your sunny kindergarten classroom. Thank u so much for your enthusiasm in helping me with the various workshops that Knotty Bicsie's been conducting. The most heart-warming of all, I'm so honoured that you & your mum are knitting together, working on little projects prior to your shifting to a new homeland. 
  EeWei, I know we will be intouch. Remember your promise to check out the art markets over there, then maybe one day I can make a business trip there & we can share a stall or something?? I'm sure it'll be great fun! 
  EeWei, we will all miss you very much! I'm sure my knitted beret & scarf will keep u very warm in cold cold Canada... Love ya....

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