Original Miniature Knitted Art

Finally! Yesterday, Edward & I delivered the 210pcs of customized Miniature Knitted Art to The Arts House for Southeast Community Development Council's Appointment Ceremony this evening. They are for all the Guests of Honour, including our Ministers & Members of the Parliament, office-holders & their family members.
This series of 210pcs of Miniature Knitted Art is specially commissioned to represent South East CDC, & each piece is unique. The organically dynamic circular forms in the background represent the diversified community, which is being led by South East CDC (represented by the knitted foreground) in creating a vibrant society. The labyrinth of colours signifies the bond among a closely-knitted community.
Each piece is 4x4inches big, painstakingly hand-painted with acrylic paint on a laminated wood block, hand-knitted & hand-crochet with acrylic & cotton yarns. Since every piece is unique, they are all number coded. This set is Miniature Knitted Art #001-100/210. All done between 16th-31st May 2009.
This set is Miniature Knitted Art #101-210/210. The first 20pcs are done between 25th-31st May 2009, while the rest are done between 1st-19th June 2009. Proud owners of my knitted artwork, if u are reading this, have you found your very own piece yet?? :)

The toughest thing about this project is time management. This is because for most of the time I can only focus on my production at night after all my classes, & during weekdays, my last class ends only after 9.30pm. This means I had to work very late into the night. In fact, almost everyday for the past 2-3weeks, I've been working till 3-4am! @_@ Finally had my first solid 8hr of beauty sleep in June last night! ;P *YAWN*


chocolatelover said...

Wow!!! Pretty!!! It is really hard work but worth the effort!!!

Knotty Bicsie said...

Yes, it was all worthwhile indeed. I was so thrilled & proud of myself when all were done! :)