Must Watch "Up"!

Believe it or not, Ed & I just saw "Partly Cloudy" again on Tuesday night, in the cinema! Yes, it's actually VERY CURRENT! It's the short clip just before Disney-Pixar's latest animation, UP. I must say this is the best movie I've watched this year! It's truly an amazing story for everyone of all ages!

At first, I was just attracted by the colourful pretty poster & the magically playful idea of a floating house lifted by cheerful balloons. So Ed & I decided it is a perfect movie for a sweet, romantic evening... But just 10min into the movie & we both knew we're getting a lot more than what we've bargained for!

It's a moving story that will make u laugh, hold on tight to your seat, smile, & cry... It's a tale about courage to pursue our dreams, our direction/purpose in life, & most of all, it's about LOVE. 

Well, I guess this is what the spirit of adventure is all about! It turned out to be a romantic adventure for Ed & I indeed...


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