Birthday Sale @MAAD

To mark the start of Knotty Bicsie's birthday celebrations, we had an exclusive storewide 30% discount @MAAD last weekend (3rd & 4th October).

Time really flies... I can still remember the 1st time I had a stall @MAAD. It was MAAD Sunday then, when MAAD used to be on every Sunday still. Check out my humble tiny stall in 2006 @red floor MAAD... :P I was very lucky to be "promoted" into the gallery space on the very 2nd week! Yay...! haha... In the gallery space, I made many wonderful friends, who are extremely talented, & learnt alot from fellow MAADsters, especially in terms of stall display & packaging. Well, the rest is history now... :)
1st day @MAAD in Nov 2006

MAAD is where Knotty Bicsie was born. Knotty Bicsie has indeed blossomed over these 3 years, all thanks to your constructive feedback & enthusiastic support.

I bought a new "table cloth" for my stall! hehe... It's actually a curtain, which I bought from the kid's department of Ikea :P Isn't it pretty? & I think it looks perfect for my stall too! ;) 

Those who missed MAAD sale, I'm having a stall again @Clarke Quay (just outside "Clinic") on 23rd & 24th October (Fri & Sat), 6pm-12midnight. Sorry, no more 30% discount, but there'll be $3 off (plus no shipping cost, so u'll save another S$3 :P) everything. Items on sale includes baby booties, bangle bags, knotty phants, bow-ties & card case :) See u then! :)

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