Meet Funky Knitters - Tiara, Tania & Sarah

"I finally learn to knit, thanks, betsy! You make it so easy to learn & it was so nice & relaxing to be in you rclass. the personal attention & patience you showed us was great. I had so much fun! Thank you! I will be coming back if I have any projects in mind too! ;)" - Tiara, 6th October 2009

"Thanks for being so patient with us & for attending to the 3 of us individually with so much attention. We had fun! & thanks for helping us to knit faster so that we can learn how to complete the pouch in time. I'll definitely come back for more lessons if I have a project in mind. Thanks, Betsy! :)" - Tania, 6th October 2009

"Hello! Thank u for being so patient for us! :) It has been a nice experience learning how to knit & I'm glad I managed to learn from you. & your house is very pretty! haha... I'm looking forward to coming again. I feel very inspired by your love for craft. Thank you!" - Sarah, 6th October 2009

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