KBCC #22 - Friendship Pen

After stopping for a month in Febraury, we are once again back for more crafting last Saturday! :) This time, we did something which I enjoyed doing alot for my friends & teachers during my Primary & Secondary school days - Friendship Pen. We basically weaved our names & patterns onto regular, plain-looking pens.
As simple as it may look, to weave the alphabets, while coiling the pen, actually requires quite a bit of concentration & imagination. Look how everyone's deep in concentration... :P
When we were finally done, our playful Rita & Moses had lotsa fun posing with their masterpieces! Aren't they cute?? lol... :D
Check out our vibrant work of heart! :)
Since last Saturday was a small group, we decided to just get KFC :P Had a looong nice chat over makan... & KBCC ended much later than usual :)

Special Announcement
KBCC will be meeting for a LAST session for 2010 on 24th April 2010 (Sat). After which I will be taking a break to prepare for the arrival of my Little Princess Edda :) Hopefully by 2011 I will have fully adapted to this new phase of my life & can once again rekindle the dynamites of KBCC :) Details of our last session as follows:
KBCC #23 - Colour Pencils
Date: 24th April 2010 (Sat)
Time: 3.30-6pm
Venue: Knotty Bicsie Home Studio
Things to bring: Any sort of colour pencils.
Registration: S$10/pax
RSVP: Pls email bicsie@gmail.com by 19th April 2010 (Mon) to confirm your attendance.

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