Meet Crochet Craze - Regina

"Dear Betsy, first of all, a very big Thank You for your patient teaching & guidance during my time here. You made me realize the beauty of doing crochet & the desire to do more during my free time. I have learnt quite a lot of techniques & I love them all. My first piece of crochet project was a memorable one & I am really really glad too. Especially when u commented on my good progress & good technique, although I thought otherwise. Thank you so much!" - Regina Koh, 7th March 2010

Regina indeed has a hidden talent! No doubt a newbie in crochet, but her tension & workmanship is fabulous! She's now learning to crochet flower brooches from me. I'm hoping she'll be convinced soon to make them for sale :) I'm sure in no time, Regina will be a new elf @Knotty Bicsie :P Wait for my good news! ;)

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