XBOX 360 Limited Edition for Sale

Hubby brought a group of students to participate in the Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition (SAFMC) & championed the Category C, with 3 other gold & silver awards! Yay...!!! So proud of him! Congrats, Dar!

One of the prizes is this XBox 360 Limited Edition. Thought it'll be great companion for me during confinement, but well, both of us are not really the gaming type lo, especially me! :P So after trying the racing game only TWICE, we decided to sell it away to add on to our "Baby Fund" :P So if u are keen, pls email me (

XBOX 360 Limited Edition
Includes: 1 console, 1 wireless controller, 3 games (Forza Motorsport 3, Lego Batman, PURE)
Usage: played only twice, less than 1.5hr each time.
Market Selling Price: S$499.00
Our Price: S$399.00

To buy, pls contact Betsy at :)

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