"Kai Fan Le!" ("Let's Tuck In!" in Chinese)

Come check out my artpiece for the "Eat with Family" exhibition @Arts House. I'll be at the opening tonight (Monday, 17th May) @6.30pm. Sure hope to see some of u there! ;)


chocolatelover said...

Nice picture. Wanted to see you at the art house but i was sick!! Hope it turn out to be a great success!!!

Knotty Bicsie said...

It was a simple opening & it was nice catching up with the other artists & friends.

Ya, weather been terrible to everyone! u take care & drink lotsa water... I'll see u soon ;)

btw, exhibition will run through till 31st May (Mon). I'll be on duty next Wed, 26th May 11.30am-2pm. Maybe can catch a few of u there then ;)